Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama Meme: Butterflies

Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama Meme: Butterflies

Crudmop and Fuzzygalore 2-up on the Dragon at Deals Gap

asked: “I know everyone’s had pucker moments on their bike, but how many of you have had butterflies?”

I can tell you unequivocally that the most frightening ride I’ve ever been on was going 2-up across the dragon at Deal’s Gap and then across the Cherohala Skyway on the back of Crudmop’s Speed Triple. I had butterflies, bats, maybe even pterodactyls in my stomach.

Let’s face it. I’m not the smallest girl at the party and there isn’t a whole lot of real estate on the back of the S3. Combine all that with no where to comfortably hold on , the tightest road ever and a generally nervous passenger and I had myself a recipe for some serious stomach knots. Relinquishing control and becoming a pillion is pretty scary for me in general, but this ride took the cake. I’m going to try to never do that again. Ever. Never.  Never-ever.

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7 Replies to “Moto Photo Blog-o-Rama Meme: Butterflies”

  1. What was more terrifying for you, the fact that you gave up control or the actual freakiness of the experience; small high seat, not being able to see the road, having nothing to hang on to?

    1. Hmm. I think all of those things, really.

      Going from rider to passenger is a big adjustment. The little nuances of someone not riding exactly like you can be scary. Corner speed & late braking are the two most obvious things that make me nervous. If you know that you would’ve been on the brakes 10 feet ago if you were at the wheel, you really feel out of control.

      Also – you’re acutely aware of trying not to squish, bump, wriggle or do anything to upset the bike. Even when you are trying to be still, your body makes some natural adjustments. Given that small tail on the Triple, Kenny could feel when i would turn my head to look into a corner.

      He showed me no mercy. He rode his ride exactly like he would have alone. Throwing a pass on some dude before corner was terrifying 😀 I think i punched him in the thigh about 400 times trying to prompt him to slow down.

    1. Hi Ben 🙂
      it’s bad enough to ride the dragon alone.

      Yea, i know it’s like motorcycle Mecca, but I’m going to buck the trend. I really don’t love the Dragon at all. I really kind of hate it. Too much thinking about whether or not you’re going to get taken out by some yahoo riding over their head coming around one of the bajillion blind corners. I don’t enjoy that at all. Some of the Killboy pics of the years have really instilled some major fear in me.

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