2009 IBR: Day One is Underway – Armchair Quarterback Tracking

2009 IBR: Day One is Underway – Armchair Quarterback Tracking

Catfish Iorn Butt Rally LogoI’ve been scouring the internet and the official IBR dispatches for clues.

The riders rolled out of Spartanburg, SC at 10:00 am today.  They are due at Checkpoint 1 in St. Charles, Illinois Wednesday, August 26 between 9 – 11pm Central Time. Scoring is to start any time after 5pm. Points get deducted every minute past 9pm with riders who fail to make it by 11pm being time barred. Riders will rest there until receiving their next leg bonuses at 4am on August 27.

What do we know?

  • Suggested bonus points for this leg to be a finisher: 9000 points
    If a rider has not collected the suggested 9,000 points at Checkpoint 1 that does not mean that they will not be able to accumulate enough points in the next 2 legs to be considered a finisher.
  • Bonus Theme:  Crime
    Each of the Bonuses has something to do with or is related to crime.

  • Hours to ride for the leg: 10am Eastern (August 24) to 9pm Central (August 26) is 60 hours.  Obviously riders can’t do 60 hours straight riding. You have to factor in sleep, biological breaks and eating.  I just took a stab at what I think someone being kind to themselves could do using 2500 miles as my target:

    This is totally hypothetical. I’m not so hot with the math but, I’m pretty sure I have this right…

    Based on 1,000 miles per day.

    • 1000 miles per day x 2.5 days = 2500 miles
    • 60 Hours Available in the non-penalized Time Window
    • -20 Hours of Rest (2 8hr sleeps & 4 hours of assorted stops)
    • Leaves 40 Riding Hours
    • 62.5 mph    Moving Avg
  •  Rally Participant Numbers that are open to solo-riding rookies:  53 to 101
    Could he have gotten every boys fantasy number, 69? We’ll know for sure in 10 more days!

Go, Catfish, Go!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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