Thoughts on the BMW R1150GS – She ain’t the Prettiest Girl at the Dance

She ain’t the Prettiest Girl at the Dance

…but she sure is fun.

The BMW R1150GS

I’ve been spending more time time riding the GS lately, just for the sake of trying something new. You know, to maybe take a fresh outlook on riding in general. (No, I’m not giving up or selling the Triple) What started off with me being hesitant and tentative has really evaporated into a nice easy fit. The GS stopped being big about 3 days after owning it. It’s almost funny now to think about how intimidated I felt by its size because really, it’s just not that big. I guess you just gotta get in there and give something the old college try before you can really make a decision one way or another.

3 things I really appreciate as of late with the GS:

  • Having a trunk.
  • Going 200+ miles on a tank.
  • A little more room to stretch out.

3 thing I really don’t appreciate as of late with the GS:

  • Fanatical brand loyalists who try to indoctrinate you into their idiotic rah-rah BMW is the best thing ever club.
  • Still not used to noises that on another bike would sound like something is wrong. 
  • Wind buffeting right at my ear level!!!


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2 Responses

  1. places2ride says:

    LOL… your fanatical loyalist comment is spot on. I’m on my second and hope to have another GS soon.

    But I disregarded BMW bikes for many years because of it (and also partially for a dislike of working on their cars). After riding a few boxers I had to grudgingly admit- they are great bikes.

  1. February 2, 2015

    […] got a new bike that made me really appreciate the […]

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