Free Maps and Travel Guides

Free Maps and Travel Guides

I don’t know about yous guys, but I am still in the paper age when it comes to maps. I love the toil of pulling out my file of maps, spreading them out across the livingroom floor and jotting down routes and numbers that ultimately string together to form a route. Call me old fashioned, my GPS is the Girly Pen System. I sometimes even draw little hearts over my I’s.

I can of course see the appeal of the GPS, in terms of telling me where I’ve been, where I am at this very moment, where the next gas station is and all that but I just can’t shake my affinity for good ole paper.

Its pretty awesome how many websites give away free maps. Chambers of Commerce, Tourist Bureaus, States, counties… they are all just dying to get you to come visit them. They want to tell you exactly where you can get that warthog whittled from real colby cheese that you just know your Aunt Myrtle would die for. From? No, definitely for. Need a place to stay? No problem. Often along with the maps, you get restaurant, motel and touristy information pamphlets as well.

I know, I know. This certainly doesn

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  1. Hey Fuzz! I’m with you! the more technology that we allow into our lives, the more complicated our lives seem to get. I thought all this stuff was saposed to make our lives easier??? Anyways…. i to was a “map guy” (or map person). they never need batteries, and besides, who wants someone yapping at you while your riding? Ok, now with that said, must confess i have recently purchased one. But i still carry maps in my saddle bags! I’m working on putting together a few free, fun rides for folks. We need more fun in motorcycling. I am intrigued by “geocaching rides” which are basically modern scavenger hunts. I’ll let you know when i have more info. -Crusty

  2. Sweet! I still love maps, even though I’m one of those GPS people now. Maps are great for the big picture and the tactile aspect ( yeah, I’m weird ). But, they are hard to read while riding and by GPS-ing, I can roam without concern. Just one more tool, I guess. Somethings can’t be replaced but they can be augmented. Like cameras… digital is handy but there can be no substitute for film where B&W is concerned…

  3. I agree with you on the paper maps, I have a GPS and on my last multi-week ride I didn’t bring it. If I had, I wouldn’t have got myself lost in Hell’s Canyon and ridden one of my favorite miles-long dead end roads. There were even two more ST1100s on the same trip that I would not have met.

    Another good source is if you are a member, they give away all the maps you want for free.

  4. I too love maps. I can sit for hours looking at them and getting in my head the places I want to ride. Heck I even like seeing roads I’ve already been on and remembering rides of the past. With a map you have to use your brain. With GPS you have to take your eyes off of the road to make sure you’re on the correct road. One last thing…… are never lost until you are out of fuel

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