There is No Sex…

There is No Sex… the Champlain Room.

Yea, I know. Horrible. So what?
I’m sitting here in my pajamas after two days of cleaning closets and sifting thru the remnants of a life on paper and that’s all I got.

On Friday August 3rd, we crossed out of New York on route 2 at Rouses Point, over Lake Champlain and into Vermont. Can you believe that the trip across the bridge is FREE and there is a place to pull off and check out the view? Unheard of.

The triumphs along the bridge crossing Lake Champlain from New York into Vermont

Kenny looking at Lake Champlain

Seriously? What is wrong with this boy? 😀

Kenny being a weirdo at Lake Champlain

I *believe* those are the Fort Montgomery ruins off in the distance, though I might be mistaken. Lord knows it wouldn’t be the first time.

Triumphs at Lake Champlain

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