The Road to Hell

The Road to Hell

…is paved with good intentions.

My riding trip was a bust in terms of riding. But good times were had nonetheless.

My bike blew up, sorta. So i drove my car down to Tennessee to meet up with my pals at the Gap last week. I snapped this pic driving back up the Blue Ridge on Wednesday.

What’s wrong with my bike, you ask? Well, in girlspeak.. it was ‘broken’. Mechanical failure due to a teensy-weensy oversight when it was in for servicing. A simple mistake. Everyone is human, right? …Remaining… Calm… Not going to flip out again…. {deep breath – finding a happy place}

I did get to ride a bit however. 1 day we went 2 up across the Gap &amp the Cherohala and another I got to ride Kenny’s bike for the day while he drove the chase car. I’ve never been so scared on a bike before. Totally horrifying to give up the control.

2-up on the Gap

Click for a larger View:

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  1. Fuzzy,

    What happened to your bike? Sorry to hear that. My bike also died on top of Whiteface Mt. (at over 4,000 feet above sea level) during a Kawasaki Tour while I was in Lake george for Americade. But it was fixed and I was able to get back to Lake George. I hope your is fixed too.

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