Amsterdam 2004

Amsterdam 2004

Left for Amsterdam Dec 27, 03 this year. Went to spend the New Year with Delyth & Kenny. This was my Xmas present from Kenneth. We landed in Amsterdam at about 7:30 am. It was dark & rainy. Kenny & I hopped a train to Centraal Station and grabbed a cab to the Marriott. Still dark & rainy. Delyth would be arriving late that afternoon.

Canal outside of our hotel.

Everyone in Amsterdam rides bicycles. Old, rickety bikes. All the same. Hundreds of them chained here and there or being ridden by lovely, blonde,thin people.

Those are ALL bikes.

The redlight district was nothing like i had imagined it would be. It was ladies standing in doorways, selling their ‘wares’. It didn’t really seemoverly seedy or anything. Some of these chicks were smokin’ hot. We stopped to see a live sex show at Casa Rosa. I didn’t really want to, they dragged me. o)

New Years Eve- Biker Chicks

We rented bikes to see the city. Super fun!

Teeny Car

New Years Day – Singel 116. It was a very romantic day. Walking the canals, snow gently falling. The city was quiet. A great day to be with people you love.

Ahhh..FEBO. Automat foods. Scary but alluring. I was the only one brave (read: stupid) enough to give it a try. It ain’t good.

Kenny at Singel 116.

Singel 7 – Even smaller than 116!

Fiat and the evidence of my atrociously expensive, shoe buying fetish

Outside of the Reykmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum having a super, tasty sandwich.

The train to Rotterdam.

Miss Delyth in her clogs :o)

We stumbled across this courtyard while wandering around one afternoon.

Buddhist Temple:

Bubbletea in Amsterdam.

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  1. I like your site. Nice pictures. I hope you liked Amsterdam because i live there. I ride a Honda cbr900rr fireblade.
    Have fun. bey Sander

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