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Full Tank of Gas, Wandering Heart. Pretty Dresses Will Have to Wait.

Full Tank of Gas, Wandering Heart. Pretty Dresses Will Have to Wait.

When I left aboard the ferry on Sunday morning, I still had to shake the sleep loose from my eyes. Though I’d been awake for hours and wanted to go riding, I wasn’t exactly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Some days you just aren’t “on.”

After loading into the belly of the beast, I went up stairs and stood on the back deck of the boat. The shoreline slipped away in our wake. A man and woman stood close together at the railing. As they talked he kept reaching towards her, his hand brushed across the small of her back, his fingers moved along her arm – they shared a deep connection.

She was lovely – golden blonde hair swept back in a carefree way, loose strands dancing on the breeze. Her skin was tanned like honey and her green stripey sundress fluttered in the wind. The two of them flashed smiles at each other as though no one else in the world existed. I felt like a voyeur observing a secret held between the palms of two perfect people.

Watching them made me feel lonely. Nine o’clock on a Sunday morning is way too early for those types of feelings.  That sleepy residue that was hanging around seemed to amplify everything I was feeling 10-times over.

It was hard not to want a taste of what was shared between those two people. Instead, I stood alone and staring, burdening myself with doubt. Rather than feeling like a superhero about to embark on an adventure, in my riding clothes I was dirty and man-ish and gross when I just wanted to be the beautiful girl in the stripey green dress. I believed in the green dress.


Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile that you can’t be the girl in the dress and the girl in the dirty superhero riding suit at the same time. But as much as I lamented wanting to be that beautiful girl, I’d made my choice long ago.

Full tank of gas. Wandering heart. Pretty dresses will have to wait.


Lunch with 3 Kick-ass Motorcycle Women

Lunch with 3 Kick-ass Motorcycle Women

While I struggle to find the thread of a full blog post, I just have to share Leslie’s photo from Facebook and Madeline’s from Instagram of our lunch meeting on Sunday.

I’ve talked before about searching for women motorcyclists and bloggers that speak to me, that I can identify with. Well, I’m finding my tribe. One amazing broad at a time.


Fact or Fiction: Empowering Women Motorcyclists

Fact or Fiction: Empowering Women Motorcyclists

While scrolling through Twitter, I saw this post from Hipster Bike Videos:

Hmm. Okay, I’ll bite.

I followed the link and read more of the posts on their Tumblr. They’re funny and irreverent in their posts and pull no punches on the moto/cafe/hipster/fashion scene.

I’m a little too old, too shy, too not nearly attractive enough to really identify with what I *perceive* as that whole segment of the motorcycle world. It just isn’t me. Some of it comes across more about what it looks like than what it feels like to ride. But… that’s my personal biases talking. Whatever floats their boats. It’s all the same wind. ::shrug::

As I scrolled through the HBV account – I then saw a post about a behind the scenes video from photographer Lanakila Macnaughton’s traveling women’s motorcycling exhibit.

The guys at HBV said:

“Srs post this time.  We here, as dudes, enjoy looking at a woman shaking her ass in short shorts as much as anyone.  But have some dignity and respect [for your own gender in this case] and don’t try to pass it off as serious women riding seriously.”

Well, I didn’t expect to read that. More often than not when I see anything posted around social media with a hot chick who can ride her own bike more than 10 feet without killing herself – the wolf whistles and attagirls are usually flying.

While I don’t personally feel remotely empowered or even identify with the images being presented of girls in the video – I kind of chalk it up to what I was saying before. I’m a boring, average, middle-aged mom. Anything coming from me that poo-poos this type of aesthetic probably comes off as nothing more than sour grapes. You wish you were as hot as these girls. While that is true, even if I were that hot – would I be one of those girls? Probably not.

Then I think – would I want my beautiful teenaged daughter to ride around undressed like that? No. Not unless she wanted me to kick her ass. 

And then…

I circle back around to – what do I care?

Empowerment. Do I need it to ride my motorcycle? I don’t feel like I do.

Real women. What the hell does that mean anyway?

Appropriating the word “real” for the video, well – I guess if I were knitpicking I would only say that they are some of the women who ride. Real or otherwise. But I would hope the video is just a small segment of the full exhibit (which I haven’t seen) anyway.


“The Woman’s Motorcycle Exhibition: The Real Woman Who Ride.”
Spend a day with a few of these woman as they cruise the wooded backroads of Portland, Oregon. The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition documents the new wave of modern female motorcyclists. The goal is to reveal the brave, courageous and beautiful women that live to ride.

source: http://womensmotoexhibit.com


What’s Your Take?

Is there an empowered feminism in the portrayal of the riders in the video? Or do you think that they’re just hipsters who don’t get a pass from being mocked simply because they have vaginas?


Ural Riding with Carla King – American Borders

Ural Riding with Carla King – American Borders

Carla King American Borders Book

I finally picked up a copy of American Borders by Carla King. It is the saga of her circumnavigation of the United States on a then newly imported Ural sidecar rig.

In just the first chapter there was romance, motorcycles, adventure and awakening… can’t wait to see what the rest of the tale has in store!

Have you read American Borders?

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