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Visiting The Queen of the Roadside – Nitro Girl

Visiting The Queen of the Roadside – Nitro Girl

For all of the cliche popular images of the scary, hardened bikers – I feel like I must exist on the opposite end of the spectrum. When I’m out and about on my bike strangers approach and talk to me all the time. So much for a tough image.

I don’t think that I have an exceptionally friendly face or anything. Besides, most of the time people seem to want to talk to me when I still have my helmet on. No one talks to me when I drive my car anywhere. Is it the same for you?

nitro girl uniroyal gal

Just last week while traveling through New Jersey, I stopped off to snap a picture of Nitro Girl. She’s the coolest Uniroyal Gal around. She stands outside of Werbany Tire Town Β in the town of Blackwood.

nitro gal new jersey uniroyal gal

I parked my bike, took out my camera and snapped a few photos. One of the customers who was having his car worked on walked over to me and said “If you like her, they have bobbleheads inside.”

Jackpot! Thanks, helpful stranger guy!

nitro girl bobblehead

Ten bucks later I was jamming my very own NG into my sidebag. Admittedly, I was probably more excited than is healthy. πŸ™‚

Interesting – The website lists the bobbleheads at $25. The fella in the shop charged me $10. Did I get a deal because I looked like a hobo or have they been marked down? Who marks down Nitro Girl?!

Uniroyal Gal Awesomeness: Nitro Girl!

Uniroyal Gal Awesomeness: Nitro Girl!

Sure, New Jersey smells a little funny sometimes but don’t let that stop you from exploring its Americana riches.

Behold the kick-ass awesomeness that is Nitro Girl. She’s packing some serious junk in her trunk, a tres chic bob, and what’s that? Yes! High heeled Go-Go Boots!

Nitro Girl - Uniroyal Gal - New Jersey

Nitro Girl - Uniroyal Gal - New Jersey

Nitro Girl's Go Go Boots - Uniroyal Gal - New Jersey

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