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Wall to Wall Murals in Paducah, Kentucky

Wall to Wall Murals in Paducah, Kentucky

After my conversation with the woman who lost her home in the tornado, I finished packing up my bike and set off for the day.

When I pulled up the waypoint listing in my GPS, one of the closest things to me was something called “Atomic City Mural.” To be honest, I had no idea what that meant. The entries in the dusty corners of my Zumo can be cryptic like that. Just because I have something saved doesn’t mean I have any idea what it means. Keeps life interesting. When I pick my way to whatever is on the other end of those coordinates it’s like a surprise party.

Since I like to live on the edge, I pressed “go” on the atomic entry and was on my way. The nice lady in the box directed me to downtown Paducah, Kentucky.

When I arrived at “…Atomic City Mural …on left” I was surprised to find a tall concrete scroll of artwork decorating the flood wall built to keep the Ohio River at bay. It was beautiful.

It did my heart good to see a panel proudly featuring motorcycles.

Here it is – The Atomic City Mural!

Flood wall water marker:

Wall to Wall Project

The project has a Youtube Video shot with a drone that gives you a nice overview of the murals. (You may want to turn of the music.)

Website: Paducah’s Wall to Wall Murals

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