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A Visit to Montauk’s Memory Motel

A Visit to Montauk’s Memory Motel

Everyone that has ever passed through Long Island’s easternmost town of Montauk seems to know of the Memory Motel. The name is also special to many Rolling Stones fans.

Memory Motel in Montauk NY

In 1975, while staying in Montauk at Andy Warhol’s Eothen compound, Mick Jagger began penning a song called Memory Motel. It is a ballad about love and life on the road.

Montauk - The EndThe motel was said to be one of the only places in town at the time to have a pool table and a piano and the band would occasionally hang out there.

We spent a lonely night at the Memory Motel
It’s on the ocean, I guess you know it well…

On the surface, the motel doesn’t appear to be anything special.  The magic must come from the people who continue to belly-up to the bar and the fans of the music who are looking to touch a piece of the legend.

Have you been to the Memory Motel?

Memory Motel
692 Montauk Hwy.
Montauk, NY 11954

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