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Roadside Snaps: Mail Pouch Tobacco Barns and Signs

Roadside Snaps: Mail Pouch Tobacco Barns and Signs

The “favorites” list in my GPS is sprinkled with all sorts of places and things that I might stop at as I’m passing through an area. I often pull up the screen and just let it stay in view. When something in the list is a short distance away, I’ll navigate to it. One of the reoccurring themes in the waypoint list is Mail Pouch Tobacco signs and barns.

This wall ad was one of the points I’d saved in my GPS. Because I didn’t actually save a description of what the stop was, the title was something vague like : MP-12-1X, I knew it was Mail Pouch related, but didn’t know what I would find when I reached the point.

I’m glad I took the chance to see it, what a beauty. I don’t think I’ve seen one of their ads with the “Anit-Nervous Diyspeptic” [sic] line before.

Carnegie, Pa
40.409342, -80.083880
Fuzzygalore mailpouch tobacco photo

While making my way across the Ohio River through the town of East Liverpool, the lady in the box directed me to swing down a not-so nice alley that spit me out on to Dresden Avenue.

The street had that look of a town that was long past its prime. Towns near railroad lines, rivers or other transportation centers and have brick building-lined streets are often good places to spot fading wall ads.

There seems to be some key to the town having been well-used around the turn of the 20th century. When you pull in to one, you just “know” that there will be an old, faded advertisement on some building, somewhere.

The lady in the box must’ve known something I didn’t because she deposited me by this faded Mail Pouch ad:

East Liverpool, Ohio
40.621712, -80.579815

Fuzzygalore mailpouch tobacco photo liverpool ohio

And just a few hundred yards, past that Mail Pouch fade, was this Bloch Brothers Mail Pouch ad. A nice bonus.

East Liverpool, Ohio
40.620800, -80.579603

Fuzzygalore mail pouch tobacco photo liverpool ohio

When you set out to find something specific, sure it is it’s own reward but stumbling across something unexpected is a bright spot in your day. That was the case with this Mail Pouch barn. Unfortunately, I don’t recall which town this barn was in but I know I found it after visiting the Madonna of the Trail in Beallsville, Pa. I *think* it was also along US 40.

Fuzzygalore mailpouch tobacco photo

Just southwest of Bedford, Pa – home of the Big Coffee Pot that I love so much, I had this barn’s coordinated tucked in to my favorites list.

Manns Choice, Pa
40.01733, -78.58066

Fuzzygalore mailpouch tobacco photo bedford pa

Wouldn’t you know it? I found an open parking space in the town of Bedford directly across from this Bull Durham fade on the building at 116 W Pitt St. It’s just east of Dunkle’s Gulf.

Bedford, PA
40.018964, -78.504542

Fuzzygalore mailpouch tobacco photo bedford pa

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Road Tripping: West Virginia Mail Pouch Barns

Road Tripping: West Virginia Mail Pouch Barns

While we were in West Virginia, you can bet your boots that I had jotted down a few Mail Pouch barns that were in the general vicinity. West Virginia is the home of Mail Pouch Tobacco after all. As a matter of fact there were several barns right on Route 50, which is the main artery into where we were staying in Romney.

Knowing my penchant for the ole barn paintings, Kathy even incorporated a stop at one into our ride:

mail pouch tobacco barn

I know that these paintings are often on “work” buildings.  And so, I can’t expect farmers to invest a lot in to the care of the murals but all the same, I feel sad when a sign is at the tail end of its life.

This little shed was along Route 50 about 10 miles east of the Koolwink Motel. I don’t recall ever seeing the phrase “Regular or Sweet” painted on any of the barns I’ve visited before. It’s usually “Treat Yourself to the Best.”
mail pouch barn route 50 west virginia

A nice 2 sided barn, also on Route 50 east of Romney:

mail pouch barn east of romney

This was one of those situations where I felt weird about walking on to someone’s property. It’s tempting but I generally keep my distance.

mail pouch barn route 50

Following Route 50 about 10 miles west of Romney there were 2 more barns. The first one, nearly falling down, was in a precarious spot that didn’t allow me any space to pull off to take a picture so I just kept going. The second one, a mile further on was a nice 3-sided number in a lovely farm setting:
3 sided mail pouch barn near romney

Seeing the barn tucked in amongst the farm gates, rustic fencing and a dirt road leading up into a rolling hill was the perfect end to a great day of riding.

Roadside Wish List: Mail Pouch Tobacco Mural – Pottsville, PA

Roadside Wish List: Mail Pouch Tobacco Mural – Pottsville, PA

To my own surprise I’ve been able to tick a few things off of my 2013 Motorcycle Roadside Stop Wishlist. Just this past weekend? Another mark in the “Done” column. ::pats self on back::

No doubt most people visit Pottstown, Pennsylvania for a free beer at the Yuengling Brewery. Me? I went for the Mail Pouch:

mail pouch tobacco mural pottsville pennsylvania

This mural must’ve been partially obscured by another building at one time. Even so, most of the ad is beautifully vibrant.

mail pouch tobacco pottsville pennsylvania

Maroon’s Sports Bar & Grill
556 N Centre St.
Pottsville, PA 17901

New Jersey Mail Pouch Tobacco Mural

New Jersey Mail Pouch Tobacco Mural

When Kenny and I were on our way out to Quakertown, PA to meet up with the roadside bloggers at Sine’s 5 & 10, I made a pit stop to snap a photo of the Mail Pouch Tobacco mural in Dover, NJ. This one is near E. Dickerson & S. Warren Street.

Mail Pouch Tobacco Dover New Jersey

The sign is in great shape – must be well-loved and cared for.

I’ve got one other Mail Pouch barn to see in New Jersey and then my list of known, still standing or visible ad and barns in New Jersey will be done.

There is a super faded Bull Durham tobacco wall ad in Jersey City but I cannot tell through Google streetview if there is anything left to see. From what I can tell sitting here at my computer there is nothing left but would be happy to get any tips from the peanut gallery.

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New Jersey Mail Pouch Barn Spotting

New Jersey Mail Pouch Barn Spotting

One of the good things about Mail Pouch Tobacco barn hunting is that barns is that, well, barns are usually at farms. Farms are often on rambling roads. For a suburban motorcyclist – that spells good times.

Rambling New Jersey Road

A few weeks ago, Kenny and I set off to ride a nice loop of northwestern New Jersey to do a little barn spotting. This is what we found:

Layton, New Jersey

Mail Pouch Barn Layton New Jersey

Layton, New Jersey

Layton Store NJ Mail Pouch Ad

Sussex, New Jersey 

Sussex NJ Mail Pouch Barn

This particular barn has what appears to be a DIY mural, but that’s alright. I still love it 🙂

Mail Pouch Barn Sussex New Jersey

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