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Knobby Tire Christmas Wreath

Knobby Tire Christmas Wreath

This weekend marked the return of our Knobby Tire Christmas wreath. It was pulled down from the dusty reaches of the attic to shine on in the hallway of the Fuzzmop house. Deck the halls, moto-style.

knobby tire christmas wreathe

I “made” the wreath in 2011, after deciding the old knobby, which was slated for the garbage, had enough life, enough purpose to be something more. It was simply too good to throw away. And so, it lives on.

Yes, it’s silly. But, I love it 🙂

Fellow motomama, Andrea from Wrapter.com just posted her knobby wreath on Instagram.

Don’t you love it?

You know, those Wrapters make great stocking stuffers. Just sayin’…

Oooh – An Update!

Brad over at Troubadour on a Triumph hung his motorcycle tire solstice wreath up. Here it is when lit:

Brads Winter Solstice Wreath

Stop by his blog to see the unlit version!

Another update!

Brandy’s (Trobairitz’ Tablet) motorcycle tire wreath is tres chic! LOVE it! Stop by her blog to see it lit up at night 🙂

Brandys Tire wreath


If you’ve got some moto decorations up for the holidays, share them in the comments below!

What Did We Buy On Black Friday?

What Did We Buy On Black Friday?


It seems like the retail world didn’t really miss us, considering they made record profits. I guess people still have plenty of money to buy useless crap at 4am. Hold the pepper spray.

Our family unit went a different route. There were no doorbuster sales for us. After stuffing our faces and giving Thanks, we spent the majority of the long holiday weekend doing things like going to the beach and riding our motorcycles.

Here in New York, the weather was perfect for riding.

Long holiday weekend riding

How About You?

Did you do any riding this weekend?

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