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Motorcycle Group Riding: Leader Responsibility?

Motorcycle Group Riding: Leader Responsibility?

Ride Your Own Ride

These words have been uttered by responsible riders the world over. Sadly these same words have fallen on deaf ears on many group rides.

The ride leader sets the pace, the rhythm, the tone of the ride.  What the ride leader can’t do is control anyone else’s motorcycle. When faced with a riding situation that feels unsafe, I (mistakenly?) assume that a thinking person would stop that behavior. Being on a group ride doesn’t mean that each person completely suspends their own judgment and follows the lead taillight with blind faith.

In my experience, passing and speed are the two things that seem to cause the most problems. I’ve seen some pretty frightening passes on blind corners or hill crests. As an observer, it makes your heart thump nearly out of your chest as you wonder if that rider will end up as a hood ornament. And what is it all for?

I’ve learned a few things over the years:

  1. 1.) Your friends will wait for you.
  2. 2.) Someone has to be last in line.
  3. 3.) There is no shame in 1 or 2.

When Things Go South

Many ride leaders will have a sense of guilt when there is a mishap that occurs on their ride. They might feel that if they as the leader, had done something differently that everyone would have come through safely behind them. But really, how accountable is the person up front for the people trailing behind them?

What’s your take on this?

  • How much responsibility does a ride leader have for the riders who are trailing behind them?
  • Does being the ride leader mean that you are at fault should there be a mishap behind you?

AMA’s Group Riding Tips

The Goshen Pass - Virginia
The Goshen Pass - Virgina

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