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An Unexpected Side Effect of Riding a Ural

An Unexpected Side Effect of Riding a Ural

While I was out poking around on the Ural Sunday morning, I realized that when people would see me coming down the road – they’d often smile. I picked up on it many times. People in cars, walking on the street, bicycle riders – smiling at me. Or, more accurately, smiling at the orange Ural.

show love graffiti and the Ural Patrol

I can’t say I’ve had many people just smile at me while I’m riding the Tiger down the road or while I was waiting to pull out of a side street.  There is just something about that bright orange contraption that really seems to resonate with people.

I can’t lie – it is pretty awesome to have strangers be happy when they look your way. Every smile made me feel like a million bucks.

New Compelling Evidence – Cavemen Rode Motorcycles

New Compelling Evidence – Cavemen Rode Motorcycles

Choppers, in fact:

Cavemen rode motorcycles

Scratched into the concrete of a Fort Hancock bunker, this is the work of primitive men. Cavemen, perhaps.

Someone clearly took great care to share their art with the world. And the artist, ever in touch with the rules of life, with their finger on the pulse of how the world works reminds us of the first rule of bein’ cool: “When in doubt… PEEL OUT!

What Is It About Harley-Davidson That Makes Them So Polarizing?

What Is It About Harley-Davidson That Makes Them So Polarizing?

In the Town of Port Jefferson there is a parking lot that has stalls marked for motorcycle only parking. There are a few picnic tables and benches in this area to allow people to sit and hangout. When the weather is nice the lot attracts many motorcycles.

A few months ago I snapped a picture of one of the benches on which someone wrote “Harly’s [sic] Suck.”

Graffiti in town

Do we need to talk about the murder of grammar and spelling here? If you’re going to try to insult someone, I think you should probably try to get your shit straight.

Harley graffiti

While in town yesterday, I saw that another bench has been marked up, this time with “Harly < BMX.”

Again, poor spelling but I have to give them an ‘A’ for consistency.

It got me to thinkin’~

What is it about Harley-Davidson that is so polarizing?

Harley-Davidson seems to be one motorcycle brand that many people are very vocal about their love or dislike of.

There are the die-hard brand loyalists who buy and proudly wear their branded gear, bandannas, t-shirts from dealers afar. Some riders get tattoos of the company logo, have stickers on their cars or trucks and seem to see Harley-Davidson as a facet of the American dream.

And then there are the people who are pretty vocal about hating everything HD stating reasons such as – outdated technology, poor performance and peddling a lifestyle above all else.

I cannot think of another brand of motorcycles that divides people so clearly. But why?

Day 25: It’s Like They Wrote the Graffiti Just For Me! – #29in29

Day 25: It’s Like They Wrote the Graffiti Just For Me! – #29in29

You Go Girl Graffiti


Just a few more days until the #29in29 blog post challenge comes to a close. If you haven’t already, please stop by these participating blogs to see what they’ve been up to for the month of February.

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Moto Photo: Moments Like These Never Last

Moto Photo: Moments Like These Never Last

For the past few weeks, I’ve kind of lost my footing. I’ve been riding and taking tons of pictures but not doing a lot of posting on the blog.

Have you missed me? 🙂

Moments Like These Never Last

It could be that I’ve succumbed to the instant gratification of noncommittal chit-chat places like Twitter and Tumblr. It could be that I’ve lost my voice or maybe I’m in a state of flux.

Or, it could simply be that I just needed a rest. I make my living staring into the pixels of a computer screen for 8 hours a day. Sometimes it’s the last thing in the world I want to do when I am home.

Whatever the case, as the graffiti I passed on Sunday so poignantly says, “Moments like these never last.”

The Glass: Half Empty or Half Full?

That’s some pretty deep scribbling, when you stop to think about it. Is your current fleeting moment something you’re just trying to endure or get through or… something you wish you could hold on to forever?

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