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How to Insult a Motorcyclist in 4 Simple Words

How to Insult a Motorcyclist in 4 Simple Words

“That’s a Girl’s Bike.”

Ahhhh, the girl’s bike. This phrase when uttered will cause any pair of testicles within a 2 block radius to up and retreat to the place from whence they descended.

What Exactly is a Girl’s Bike?

Does it have a white basket with flowers on the front of it? Is it pink? Does it smell like potpourri and shoot glitter out of the exhaust? How is it that something as decidedly un-feminine as a motorcycle can really give off a less than masculine vibe? And yet, I will confess I have uttered those very words myself. 🙂

What do Women Want?

Oofa, talk about a moving target! For years women wanted off the rack motorcycle gear that was cut for their figure. Not sissified versions of the men’s gear but fully padded, knee-pucked, armored gear. Great strides have been made in the last 5 years to make this happen.

But when it comes to the machine itself, do women really want anything different from what a man wants? I’ve tried to think back over my riding life to a time when I felt limited by my gender. I’ve tried to think of something that is missing from a motorcycle that speaks to me as a woman. I’ve got nothin’. Though the glitter does sound kind of cute.

I keep coming back to issues of height or rather inseam. Given that the average height for women in the US is around 5’4″, I can see how 31″+ seat heights can become a problem for riders. But what else? What could a motorcycle manufacturer do to entice more women to buy their product? What would they need to do to make a real Girl’s Bike?

5 Classic Girl’s Bikes

  • Harley Davidson Sportster
  • Kawasaki Ninja 250
  • Honda Rebel 250
  • Kawasaki EX500
  • Suzuki GS500

My Girlie Speed Triple
My Girlie Speed Triple
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