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DRZ Fun: Spending a Saturday on the Trails

DRZ Fun: Spending a Saturday on the Trails

On Saturday, GL, Kenny and I spent the day riding doing some trail and woods riding. It was, in a word… fabulous.

The morning started off a bit cold and windy. My un-gloved hands were stinging as I tried to buckle my boots before heading off on our ride. It’s amazing how quickly you warm up once you get moving and get into the woods. I was able to peel off my windbreaker and enjoy the sunshine even though it never crested 45 degrees all day.

Heading towards the woods

GL in the dirtI’ve been pretty open about my feelings regarding my progress or lack thereof transitioning from street to dirt riding. Someone I know jokingly tossed out that maybe taking up dirt riding now that I’m a lot closer to 40 than 30 isn’t the best idea. At first I just laughed it off because he likes to bag on me that I’m getting old. But, I think that in some ways there may be something to it. I’ve got decades of learning to be afraid under my belt 😆

Thinking back now about what it was like when I first started street riding, I don’t recall having the same general trepidation that I do now. Giving myself over to the process, allowing the bike to float, avoiding the front brake; it all seems so different. So much to unlearn and re-learn.

There is a vagueness in feel of the rear brake pedal through the sole of my boot that I just can’t seem to completely come to terms with yet. I keep expecting the feedback that I get from the soles of my street boots and it just isn’t there. But even as the day wore on it became less of an issue. I guess I began to get used to or understand the sliding better.

Simply put, I just need more practice.

Flexing my muscles
Flexing my muscles

I had some personal breakthroughs that helped me better manage my shortcomings. One being that I have found it helpful to think only of the obstacle at hand and work on tackling it and it alone. I’m working on not thinking about the next thing until I find myself at the next thing. Narrowing my focus and not looking at the bigger picture has been helpful.

Kenny - My Handsome Devil on his DRZ

While talking with our friend F’n Hal, he mentioned something so simple but easily overlooked depending on your general mental outlook. The basic premise was – If you say I can’t do this, you won’t be able to do it. You can’t go in defeated because it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You have to say okay, how do I do this… and figure it out!

Monkeying around in the woods

I know, this may all sounds like new-agey mumbo jumbo to some of you but, it’s what carries me through to the other side. I’m one of those annoyingly “thinky” people.

GL & K in the pit

Being able to watch and ride with people who are patient and understanding helps a lot. That said, I’m still having a hard time getting over the feeling that I’m holding everyone up because I’m not moving as fast as they are. But, I’ll get there.

Hands down – This was the best day of off-road riding that I’ve had to date. I came home buzzing with excitement. I can hardly wait to be able to go again.

And on an entirely girlie and (hideously kitschy,) superficial note… my leopard print Shift jersey is awesome. To spice it up a little more, do you think anyone makes goggles that look like the frames of Dame Edna‘s glasses? I would totally get those.

I have terrible taste.

DRZ Bits: The Birthday Fairy Came!

DRZ Bits: The Birthday Fairy Came!

You know? I think I may have won the boyfriend lottery. The UPS man came a-callin’ at my office today, delivering what I found out, was an early birthday present from Kenny.

Inside the box: The Clarke 3.9 gallon fuel tank for my DRZ. Surprise!

Clark 3.9 gallon fuel tank DRZ
More Go - Less Stop

I can safely say that I am the only person at work with a gas tank on their desk.

Should I take this as a sign that Kenny wants me to go away? I just may have to take him up on that this spring.

Christmas Eve With DRZs and an Odd Bird

Christmas Eve With DRZs and an Odd Bird

On Christmas Eve, Kenny and I went for a ride. It was cold but still a beautiful afternoon.

DRZ on a Christmas Eve Ride

There is a peacefulness at the beach in winter that I love. I stood watching the birds pecking along the shoreline. Their little feet skittered along so quickly. Do you imagine the sounds of a small xylophone tinkling when you see the frenzied feet of shorebirds? No? Just me? Anyway…

When I pulled my photos off of the memory card I had to laugh to myself when I saw this one zoomed in:

One odd bird on the shorelineclick to enlarge

I have, on more than one occasion, been called an odd bird. I feel a bit of a kinship with the kook on the right. There’s one in every crowd.

Winter Motorcycle Riding Pictures

Winter Motorcycle Riding Pictures

When the first snow of this winter fell, Kenny went out to see what it felt like to ride in it. Being that neither of our DRZs have studs in their tires, it was just a quick run around the neighborhood. You know – for scientific purposes.

As an observer there was something beautiful about seeing the orange glow of his headlight slowly making it’s way through the whirling snowflakes. While the snow started to accumulate the world outside had a very flat, muffled sound. There was no noise except for the gentle thump of his engine.

He would be the first to admit that riding on the snow without studs is, well.. probably not a great idea. Your mileage may vary.

ADVrider has a winter riding picture thread you should check out. There are some great photos of motorcycles in the snow. Enjoy!

Frosty ZX6R seat in Yellowstone Park

Christmas Swag: I Got Street Wheels for My DRZ

Christmas Swag: I Got Street Wheels for My DRZ

If I ever complain my deliciously wonderful boyfriend doesn’t listen to me when I talk, kick my ass. Please.

During the summer, I had often commented that having street tires would be a hoot on the DRZ. So being the super-awesome man that he is, this year for Christmas Kenny got me a set of Warp9 wheels and a new dash computer for my DRZ. He’s such a gem.

Now, I can swap between my street and dirt wheels. Whose got two thumbs and is excited? ::::Thissssss girl:::

Warp 9 Street Wheels for my DRZ

On top of that,… I got motorcycle socks! See what I’m saying? A gem! I think I’ll just have to keep him.

How about you? Did you find any motorcycle stuff under your Christmas tree?

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