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Road Trip Inspiration: Connecticut Diners and the Lincoln Highway

Road Trip Inspiration: Connecticut Diners and the Lincoln Highway

Back in February, I posted about some of the roadside treasures that I was hoping to visit this year. Surprisingly enough, I did actually manage to visit some of them. Can you believe it? Me neither. All this time I thought the purpose of To Do Lists was just making the list. It turns out you can actually DO the stuff too!

With the cold weather wringing it’s crusty hands together and getting ready to drop the hammer, it’s that time of year again when my daydreaming, plotting and scheming goes in to overdrive. I just picked up two books to help the cause.

trip planning material

Eat to Ride, Ride to Eat

In my never ending quest to ride and then eat myself into an omelet-induced coma, I bought Classic Diners of Connecticut by Garrison Leykam. He’s someone that I follow on Twitter. Plus… eating. Both are things that I’m good at. Eating and Tweeting. Seriously? A rhyme? I should kick my own ass. 

The Lincoln Highway

The other book I bought is Lincoln Highway Companion – A Guide to America’s First Coast to Coast Road by Brian Butko.

According to the great oracle, Wikipedia, “The Lincoln Highway was the first transcontinental improved highway for automobiles across the United States of America.”  I’m not so sure I’ll be finding myself making it across country in the near term but it never hurts to file away interesting things to see for one day.

On my side of the Earth, the Highway boasts sights like the Bedford Coffee Pot, Dunkle’s Gulf and one from my 2013 to do list – the Worlds Largest Teapot.

During the first week of December I’ll be taking a roadtrip to Cleveland so that I can run in the Christmas Story House 10K. Do you want to hear the greatest 3 words ever? Leg. Lamp. Medal. It’s a major award!

My mom and I will be driving out to Ohio, taking the long way stopping to see some sights along the Lincoln Highway. It looks like I’ll get to see the teapot. W00T!

Read any good travel inspiration books lately?

Ural Riding with Carla King – American Borders

Ural Riding with Carla King – American Borders

Carla King American Borders Book

I finally picked up a copy of American Borders by Carla King. It is the saga of her circumnavigation of the United States on a then newly imported Ural sidecar rig.

In just the first chapter there was romance, motorcycles, adventure and awakening… can’t wait to see what the rest of the tale has in store!

Have you read American Borders?

Listening to Lois – Where Are You Going?

Listening to Lois – Where Are You Going?

Lois Pryce Speaking at NYC Motorcycle Show

While at the motorcycle show in New York, I sat and listened to motorcycle adventuress Lois Pryce’s presentation of her trip from Alaska to Argentina. It was a life changing endeavor that spawned the book Lois on the Loose.

Watching her move across the stage, a lady in a dress – feminine, funny, seemingly happy – she talked about her love of travel and riding her motorcycle.

Seeing her in person moved me. There she was, a ‘regular’ person who didn’t have to choose between being a lady OR being a motorcyclist. She was both. And that was wonderful.

Lois on the Loose Autographed

Following her on-stage talk, Kenny and I made our way over to her booth to purchase one of her books. After a quick, hello she fired off a question:

‘Where are you going on your next adventure?’

Oh, Lois… you just don’t know how that question has been burning away inside of me lately! I am consumed by it. My thoughts have been a constant swirl of wonder, and calculating, and trying to retain a balance between following my selfish heart and honoring my commitments, too.

What to do, what to do?

I guess now is not the time for me to know, not the time for me to make any final decisions.

So, with no answers for myself ~ how about you? Where are you going on your next adventure?

Books: Chicks on Bikes by Christina Shook

Books: Chicks on Bikes by Christina Shook

Christina Shook - Author of Chicks on Bikes in New YorkIn January, I had the good fortune of meeting Christina Shook; author of the book Chicks on Bikes when the International Motorcycle Show came rolling in to New York City.

Chicks on Bikes – The Book

Chicks on Bikes explores what it means to be a woman on a motorcycle. Over a period of 10 years, Christina met and photographed a diverse and colorful group of women who all shared a common bond: the joy of riding.

As I read through the pages, the stories that accompanied each woman had something in their experience that resonated with me. But it was a line in the introduction to the book that really struck a chord:

…it taught me a lesson that I learned over and over. Don’t come with preconceived notions, and remember to appreciate all the quirks and contradictions.

What I learned from the book’s 152 pages is that being a woman motorcyclist means – everything. For every woman who feels most at home in leather and grease there is another who can hardly wait to slip out of her riding boots and into a pair of strappy pumps. Gay, straight, fat, skinny, shy, audacious – women who ride are all these things and more.

Christina’s portraits of women on wheels beautifully capture their diversity and their unity in the love of the machine.

Though it may be impossible to fit all women motorcyclists into 1 or 2 neat categories, one thing is for sure – Chicks on Bikes kicks ass.

Chicks on Bikes - By Christina Shook

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