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Route 6 Wondering and Wanderings

What is the psychological draw to follow single coast-to-coast or transcontinental routes? I’m talking about routes like US 6 or US 20. If you’re standing on the roadway you may have one end of the ribbon dipped into the Atlantic while the other is being pounded by the surf of the Pacific. Route 6 map image more »

The Route 6 Giant Chicken Army

It’s been a while since I posted any news from the front lines of the Giant Chicken Army. But that is about to change, my friend. On Route 6 in the town of Wyalusing, Pennsylvania I stumbled across a mass-gathering of the feathered fiends. Behold! Sweet holy moly. Stumbled across this on Route 6 unexpectedly. more »

Motorcycle Photo Post: A to Z Challenge

This month, one of the blogs I read each day – Sumoflam’s Less Beaten Paths Travel Blog is participating in the #atozchallenge, posting 26 alpha-based posted during the month. The premise is to focus each post on a letter. Since I’m not actually participating I thought I’d nick the basic idea and do all 26 in one fell more »

Random Odds and Ends from Kansas and Missouri

My route back home to Long Island from Catoosa, Oklahoma in October of 2016 bumbled along Route 66. At the time I remember feeling like I was moving too fast, that I wasn’t taking enough time to linger. I don’t know why that happens but it does. You long for time away and then while more »

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