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Route 66 – A Leap of Faith

When the calendar rolled over to 2015 and the Northeast was frozen in the icy grip of a polar vortex, I didn’t really expect to see any part of Route 66. I mean, sure I’ve always fancifully thought about it but never in a real “I should do this now!” sort of way. But here you have more »

Route 6 Wondering and Wanderings

What is the psychological draw to follow single coast-to-coast or transcontinental routes? I’m talking about routes like US 6 or US 20. If you’re standing on the roadway you may have one end of the ribbon dipped into the Atlantic while the other is being pounded by the surf of the Pacific. Route 6 map image more »

The Route 6 Giant Chicken Army

It’s been a while since I posted any news from the front lines of the Giant Chicken Army. But that is about to change, my friend. On Route 6 in the town of Wyalusing, Pennsylvania I stumbled across a mass-gathering of the feathered fiends. Behold! Sweet holy moly. Stumbled across this on Route 6 unexpectedly. more »

Using Google Alerts For Road Trip Inspiration

There is no telling what will inspire you to hit the road to go and see something with your own eyes. You could, of course, leave things to chance. Afterall, serendipity is a beautiful thing. But, if you’re an information glutton like me – you like to cram your head full of information. Sweet, sweet, more »

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