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Motorcycle Dreams: 25 Things on My Motorcycle Bucket List

Photos: Shady Lanes, Windmills and Shoreline of Shelter Island

Not long ago, I realized that I had a handful of pictures of Long Island’s windmills. Following that post, on a lazy Sunday I decided to head over to Shelter Island to see if I could spot the Shelter Island Windmill. Built in 1810 by Nathaniel Dominy Jr., the mill was moved to Shelter Island on board a barge and placed on the Sylvester estate. Sylvester’s smock mill is on the National Register of Historic Places.

I find something very relaxing about being on Shelter Island. It is a small, quiet place and very peaceful. There are often so few people on the roadways that you have the opportunity to ride lazily along looking at things without worrying that you’re creating a parade behind you. There are several small parks, beaches and of course the Mashomack Preserve to enjoy.

Shelter Island  Nostrand Parkway
Windmill House  Nostrand Parkway Shelter Island
Shelter Island Windmill Long Island New York
Ice Pond Park Brick Stack Shelter Island
Shelter Island Coecles Harbor
Shelter Island Police Station
Shelter Island Giant Anchor
The Dory Restaurant Shelter Island
Slow! Duck Crossing Shelter Island Pond

Where Can I Find More Information?

In my travels I have found a few sights on Long Island that I would love to know more about. Lately it seems that I have reached dead ends when trying to get more information from the web. I have gone so far as emailing local libraries, towns, companies and chambers of commerce who never seem to reply to my email requests for more information.

There are 2 things spotted while on this Shelter Island excursion that I don’t know anything about but would like to: The house with the windmill on top and the brick smokestack-like structure on the north end of the Ice Pond. Any leads or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Shelter Island Suzuki DRZ 400

Sights from the Road: Shelter Island Painted Gas Pumps

Say ‘Hello’ to Stan the Muffler Man from Birmingham, Alabama

No trip to another state is complete without checking to see if there is a Muffler Man in the vicinity. You can never be sure if you’ll pass that way again, so stopping is a must! On our recent trip to Birmingham, Alabama it was no different. We stopped in to see “Stan” the GCR Muffler Man.

With the fiberglass giants getting up there in age, they often need some upkeep and repair. They also get customized and personalized. Many of them have unique features like chest hair, eyelashes  and in blue-eyed Stan’s case, white gloves.

I don’t know that I want to venture a guess as to what he’s up to with those gloves on but he looks like he’s beckoning you to ‘bring it on!’

Stan the Muffler Man Birmingham Alabama

Stan the Muffler Man Birmingham Alabama

Stan underwent some major surgery in 1998 after a storm did a number on him.

Hey -you can view some more of the big fellas we’ve visited in the Muffler Man Gallery.

The Barber Museum: 1958 Ariel Square Four with Sidecar

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