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Knobby Tire Christmas Wreath

This weekend marked the return of our Knobby Tire Christmas wreath. It was pulled down from the dusty reaches of the attic to shine on in the hallway of the Fuzzmop house. Deck the halls, moto-style.

I “made” the wreath in 2011, after deciding the old knobby, which was slated for the garbage, had enough life, enough purpose to be something more. It was simply too good to throw away. And so, it lives on.

Yes, it’s silly. But, I love it :)

Fellow motomama, Andrea from just posted her knobby wreath on Instagram.

Don’t you love it?

You know, those Wrapters make great stocking stuffers. Just sayin’…

Oooh – An Update!

Brad over at Troubadour on a Triumph hung his motorcycle tire solstice wreath up. Here it is when lit:

Stop by his blog to see the unlit version!

Another update!

Brandy’s (Trobairitz’ Tablet) motorcycle tire wreath is tres chic! LOVE it! Stop by her blog to see it lit up at night :)


If you’ve got some moto decorations up for the holidays, share them in the comments below!

Postcards from the Road: Virginia is for Motorcycle Lovers! #LoveVa

Greetings from sunny Virginia.

Apparently on the heels of their Virginia is for Lovers campaign of many years, the State of Virginia has adopted “Love is at the heart of every Virginia vacation.” With that they have installed LOVE sculptures around the state.

As someone who is moderately obsessed with hearts and love… I was tickeled pink to see a few of them as we passed through the state!

Wish you were here.

Day 14: Happy Valentine’s Day, Love is Everywhere – #29in29

I know people think I’m a kook when I say that I believe Love is Everywhere – you just have to open yourself up to seeing it.

I get it. I sound like a tree-huggin’ weirdo. But… 

it IS!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I just happened to find these sweet whimsical hearts waiting for me on the side of the road.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I hope that you’re spending today and everyday with the people you love most.



A Very Merry Moto Christmas Wreath

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