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The Motorcycle Blog That Wasn’t About Motorcycles But Was

Lately while reading books, I’ve taken to scribbling down lines or passages that jump off of the page at me. Sometimes I’ll come across a real zinger that speaks to my heart and I have to put it in a place that I’ll remember it.

Have you ever picked up a book at a yard sale or a thrift shop and there were lines highlighted within the book? How can you remember which book to look in for the line? That wouldn’t work for me, to have to flip back through the actual pages for a single sentence. I find jotting it down in my notebook much more meaningful. It’s better have all of those ideas from different sources all in one place.

There seems to be a running theme with what calls to me to write it down. It is often messages about love, about time, the “real” meaning of life and about travel.

Just recently Adrian at YouMotorcycle mentioned in a post that my blog isn’t necessarily motorcycle-intensive. In some sense that is true. You won’t find nuts and bolts here or tips on fixing things here. No, this blog? This blog is about love, time, life and travel… on motorcycles. Everything that evolves on these posts comes from the thinking that happens on, about or around motorcycles. These posts all stem from the living done in that space.

I do all my best thinkin’ in the saddle. If you’re reading this, something tells me that you do to. You get get that.