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They’ve Got Me Surrounded!

Questions from the Universe: What do Wives do when their Husbands…

What do wives do when their husbands ride motorcycles without them?

Well, speaking from experience? Anything they want.

Who the heck is sitting around consulting Google on such things?

I often get a chuckle out of the search terms that land someone on my blog.

Deep Thoughts on Seeing Things from the Saddle

fuzzygalore thursday night ride on the royal enfield

Do you ever wish you could take a photo with your eyes and let someone see the world just as you did?

Maybe it was the way a group of birds scattered across the pink sky or a silvery sliver of the moon just making itself seen? Perhaps it was the way the setting sun was captured in the cupping of leaves blowing in the wind? I find very often that I want to pull over and capture what I’m looking at only to discover later on that the breadth and dimension of whatever that thing was – is absent from the photo.

Is that the “soul” that is missing? That intangible thing that breaths the life into something?

Beyond being able to capture the life that you observe in a photo ~ how many times can two people be in the same place at the same time and see things completely differently? Or maybe one of you didn’t see something at all?

This makes me think that seeing things goes way beyond just what you do with your eyes.

Deep thoughts for a Thursday after-dinner ride.

Riding Through the Funk

Some days I can wake up and feel like anything is possible. The world is just waiting for me to take a hold of it. Others? I can wake up and feel like a complete zero.

On those days when zero comes knocking, generally speaking I have the wherewithal to recognize what is happening. I try to work my way through those feelings. They aren’t ‘real.’ I know I’m not a nuthin’.

As an introvert, I enjoy spending time alone. However on days when I feel out of sorts, I find that I am often saddled with a loneliness. But, people become accepting and accustomed to your habits and your behavior – you can’t have everything. You can’t hold people at an arms length and then expect them to just jump when you want them to. As such – I find that I am faced with tackling my lonely moments head on. This usually involves some sort of distraction, something to take me away from the irrational thoughts that have my brain in a vise.

Motorcycles work wonders for these times.

You can be lost in your thoughts – irrational as they may be – but as the motor thrums and I move forward, I’m able to break through the funk and re-center. Maybe this is what people refer to as being in the moment? It can be hard to stay lost or be sad when you are on sensory overload.

fuzzygalore royal enfield


Knobby Motorcycle Tire Ring

Last summer my husband Kenny lost his wedding ring during a dirt ride. He’s never made much of an effort to replace it – which is fine by me – since he isn’t a fan of jewelry. But just last night while flipping through the Aerostich catalog, I spotted these:

fuzzygalore knobby tire ring

That knobby tire ring is kinda cute. Given the circumstances of the loss of his original ring it might make a suitable replacement if he ever decides to get another ring.

I know several people who opt to not wear any rings because of the nature of their jobs. Kenny and I have both lost rings riding. I lost mine while taking my motorcycle gloves off. How about you, do you wear any jewelry while riding?