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Time Moves Slowly for Women in Motorcycle Media

There’s nothing groundbreaking here in this “women in motorcycling” post. Sometimes I just have to bleed a little steam so that I don’t explode.

fuzzygalore on albulapass

Each day I read all sorts of blogs, mailing lists, Twitter feeds, magazines about motorcycling and the life that surrounds it. Sometimes I feel bummed out that the most popular women-centric motorcycle media has a central theme of women being hot first and loving motorcycle life second.

I’m not naïve, I get it. That’s how you make the eyeballs come. But I’m over it. I’m not 25 and I can’t take in this type of information with a pinup-vibe anymore and do anything constructive with it. These brands, these personalities, these photographs – they aren’t talking to me. I’m not their audience and the truth is… I know that doesn’t matter to them. Simmer down, old lady! I’m so hungry for something with more depth and feeling, a connection to people and the world.

Are women our own worst enemies?  Are we just blindly getting on board and perpetuating this?

There is better inspiration to be found out there. Girls, please show us who you are beyond the fact that you’ve won the genetic lottery. Be something, do something, inspire the gravity-ravaged middle aged broads like me. Yes, I’m going gray but damn it to hell, I will never be too old to say I want to see that, try that, DO THAT! Beauty is fleeting. Curiosity, adventure, daring, reverence and deep appreciation aren’t. BE amazing.

Don’t get me wrong – there are women riders that I follow who are doing wonderful things. They’re exploring the world, writing books and being fierce lionesses leading by example. While they may in fact be physically beautiful, that isn’t the most important part of their message. I admire and appreciate them deeply. Now, I don’t know if it is their own choosing, the fact that they’re too busy being magnificent to build an online “brand” or just that the marketplace isn’t looking for a lady encased in textiles to champion – but by and large these inspiring women aren’t being showcased like chicks in hot pants are.

I’m hoping that more women out there want something more and would be willing to give something more. Maybe more of these amazing and adventurous women will start to squeeze out some of the cheesecake.

Things are changing. But the wheels of time move slowly.

2014 Santa Ride: The Elves

Sure, the Santas get the lion share of the glory during the Santa ride but there are some elves that ride with the big red fatties that deserve some of the limelight too.

We had Chloe with us. She was our super-duper sidecar monkey elf:

Buddy Kenny was manning the Enfield, which incidentally has a nearly-dead battery.

fuzzygalore crudmop buddy elf

Have you ever seen a 6-foot elf kickstart a motorcycle? It’s really quite precious. :lol:

fuzzygalore buddy elf shoes

2014 IMS-NY: Is This Bike Show Burnout?

fuzzygalore duke 390at the bike show

Just as in years past, Kenny and I went in to NYC to check out the International Motorcycle Show last week. I don’t know if it is a symptom of being bombarded by media at every turn (my own doing) or the general ease of getting information about, well, anything – but each year the bike show becomes less and less appealing. The number of vendors dwindles a little more, manufacturers don’t show up and the same old-same old stunt show gets dusted off and trotted out.

By the time the show rolls in to New York City, I’ve already seen a million photos of the highlights from previous media days on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as they rolled through other cities. This year’s darlings were the Kawasaki H2, the “GromWing” and the Ducati Scrambler – photos and blog posts galore on the internet. When I finally saw them all in person? It was with little more than a passing glance. ::yawn::

Maybe it’s just me, I dunno.

The venue here in NYC must be some money bleeding racket where the little guy can barely afford to set up shop for the weekend.  There were comparatively few vendors selling a variety of gear, aftermarket parts or tour information. My thoughts are just anecdotal but I bet these days there is a lot of trying on and then buying on the internet for the best price. If someone “can order it for you,” well then you can order it yourself. It probably doesn’t pay to show up.

Sadly, if you asked me what I would LIKE to see at the event? I don’t really even have a constructive answer. Maybe next year I’ll just need to go on an internet diet for a few weeks leading up to the show.

Did you go the the IMS this year? What are your thoughts? 

Santaride 2014: Santa and the Return of Her Sidecar Elf

fuzzygalore and elf - santa ride

On Sunday we set off on our annual Santa Ride and it was glorious.

Once again my daughter Chloe reprised her role as my sidecar elf. It always amazes me when she chooses to hang out (dressed as an elf) with her goofy mother (who dresses like Santa) when she could be doing teenager stuff like navel gazing and texting friends who are in the same room.

Chloe gave her waving arm a real work out. She seemed far more into it and excited about taking the ride than in years past. I don’t know the reason but I’m glad about it.

I hope that one day these memories are happy ones for her and that they aren’t the stuff that trips to the psychiatrists couch are made of. “Do you KNOW what my mother used to do each year around Christmas?”

Time will tell.

Save the Date: 2015 Crotona Midnight Run

The date for the 2015 Crotona Midnight Run was announced:

January 17-18, 2015

66 Lake Rd. East
Congers, NY 10920
Google Maps

What Is the Crotona Midnight Run?

The Crotona is a timed road ride in which participants must sustain moving at 30mph over a course of 120 miles without the aid of GPS. Sounds easy enough, right? But the cold of winter and the dark of night keeps riders on their toes.

The full course is divided into two 60 mile legs, with a 2 hour layover at the halfway mark. The ride starts at midnight, with riders being released 1 every minute.

Throughout the course are random checkpoints, logging your arrival time. You start the ride with a bank of 1,000 points. Points are then deducted from your score (or not) based on what time you arrive at the checkpoints along the route. You must make all checkpoints or you will be a DNF.


2015 crotona midnight run

With a new starting location and an earlier than I can remember start date in January, let’s hope that the gang at Ramapo Motorcycle Club have better luck with the weather. The past few years have seen the event cancelled due to questionable conditions.

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