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Waving to Little Girls in Car Windows

Waving to Little Girls in Car Windows

On Sunday, I was zipping towards to Expressway on  2-lane highway. In the lane to my left, a girl who I guessed to be around 12, sat in the backseat of a car that was slowly passing me. Her eyes were fixed on me, the lady on the motorcycle, so I waved to her. As soon as I did… she lit up with excitement. Joy.

As the car crept away further I saw her crane around the rear seat headrest to watch me some more.

Often when I hear about campaigns targeted at empowering other women to ride, I confess, my gut reaction is – “that’s dumb. Why do I need to tell someone they are capable of doing something when it’s so obvious?” But maybe the idea isn’t so cut and dry. Maybe some people aren’t exposed to positive or neutral ideas about riding or their capabilities. Instead, maybe they have to undo years of negative ideas. Or maybe obvious is situational or relative.

There are times at my office while dealing with younger people when I’ve thought – why don’t you just know how to do X? Or, why do I have to tell you/ask you to do something? Why don’t you just do it on your own? If you’re curious, why don’t you just try it out and see how it goes? Some co-workers have to be explicitly told to do things which I think are obvious otherwise they don’t connect the dots. And, let’s face it if I extrapolate that concept – sometimes I am that person who doesn’t know or act, to someone else.

My projected idea of the little girl in the window was that she was excited about the idea of riding a motorcycle. And then doubly excited that I was a woman. And then triply excited that if a woman – a grown-up version of herself is doing it now, then she can do it in the future. Is that empowerment by example? I didn’t have to say or do anything. I just had to be.

Maybe I am entirely wrong about all of it, I don’t know.


Saturday Stop at the Moodna Viaduct

Saturday Stop at the Moodna Viaduct

On Saturday, I stopped by the Moodna Viaduct. The sky was so blue and gorgeous I thought the oxidized trestle would look gorgeous spanning across the valley. It did.

You might recall seeing the Viaduct in the movie Michael Clayton. There is a good view of it as he is driving towards the place where he stops to see the horses.

Moodna Viaduct
Orrs Mills Rd, New Windsor, NY 12553

Road Notes – As they Happen?

Road Notes – As they Happen?

I’ve been thinking about ditching Instagram since I’ve pretty much abandoned using it. My feed has become an endless stream of the same old, same old and “influencer” drivel in a way that I can’t connect with anymore. So, what’s the point? Why not just share snapshots as they happen on my own blog instead?

And I totally get that blogs are passive where social media delivers you to a wider audience using hashtags and whatnot proactively, but – so what? I mean what I’m I doing here? The point has always been to document my experiences, firstly for me, and then to share that with whoever wants to read it. And if no one else ever does read any of it, the process of writing would still occur and be important to me.

The change to moving away (back?) from social posting to just the blog is a psychological one. For a long time, I’ve equated a blog to long-form posting. But it doesn’t need to be. So, maybe trying out occasional snapshot/on-the-fly posting from my phone is in order.

The biggest hurdle, I suspect, will be not losing my reading glasses so that I can see to type on my damned phone!

So, off we go. Good morning from my phone and the State Line Lookout.

State Line Lookout
Closter, NJ 07624

Random Things on a Rainy Thursday

Random Things on a Rainy Thursday

“This morning when I got to work, I kept tugging at the collar of my dress. Something about it was so annoying.”

“Was it inside out?”

“No, on backward. Who the hell puts a dress on backward?”

“I dunno, I wore two different shoes to work once so I can’t say anything.”

Just another fascinating evening conversation at Chez Galore.

Life is Random

While we’re on the subject of random things. Here a few photos of stuff I’ve seen over the last few weeks.

This awesomely painted barn was on King’s Highway in Warwick, NY. My friend Rosie had shared a picture of it with me seemingly ages ago. I just happened to zip by recently.

James is giving the King some serious side-eye, right?

Back to my natural color. My selfie game needs a lot of work but whaddayagonnado?

Is this a regional thing? What is meat bingo? I have no idea what this means.

Say it with donuts.

I stopped in to pick up a Shoofly pie. It was worth the trip 🙂

In another life, I used to find myself at the top of Perkins Drive hooking up with friends to ride with just about every Sunday. I grew up not too far south of there. The place was always crawling with other riders. Meeting moto people was part of the fun. Now, I can’t bring myself to ride up there because there would be a million other bikes and such. How times have changed.

Time to put the silicon obsession down
Take a look around, find a way in the silence
Lie supine away with your back to the ground
Dis- and re-connect to the resonance now
You were never an island

Unique voice among the many in this choir
Tuning into each other, lift all higher

The Ghosts of MIddletown

The Ghosts of MIddletown

Last weekend we had an itty-bitty taste of spring. Temperatures crept into the 60’s and so I decided to hop on the Bonnie and visit a few of the pins on my Google Maps app.

If I don’t look at the Streetview of a pinned item, sometimes I’m not sure what will be waiting for me when I turn up at the coordinates. At some point, I’d saved a cluster of stops in Middletown, New York. Based on my general familiarity with the area and their proximity to each other, I assumed they were ghost signs – and I was right.

This multi-layered ghost was hard to read in person. Sometimes tweaking a photo’s colors can help you read parts of the signs you can’t see with the naked eye. But other times the fade or overlapping is just too vague.

  • Synder Fancher & Company | Wholesale Grocers | Importers & Jobbers
  • Duluth Imperial Flour | Without a Rival
  • Altec | (distributors?)

When I go looking for ghosts, it isn’t uncommon for me to find myself in the parts of town that are economically challenged, their heyday long since passing them by. I’ll wind up in front of silent brick shells where factories once billowed steam, near old railroad stations and tracks, and often in areas that have fallen on hard times.

  • Gold Medal Flour | Eventually | Why Not Now | Bakes Best Bread

Riding towards home after snapping a few photos, it occurred to me that invariably when I am in these areas, I will encounter people walking on the street. And these people are more often than not, curious and friendly. They’ll flash a smile, give a hello and offer some chit-chat about my bike.

  • Snyder & Fancher | Wholesale Grocers
  • Duluth Imperial Flour

As I mulled over my interactions with people on the street I thought about my range of experiences on the different rungs of the economic ladder. Some stranger in an astronaut suit milling around snapping photos of a burned out factory doesn’t seem to raise suspicion in people. Just something to ponder…


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