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Now More Than Ever – Think Happy Thoughts

I have this sticker on my Givi box…

think happy thoughts sticker

Most of the time I don’t need a reminder. But with my eyes and ears glued to the news lately, I can allow myself to get overwhelmed.

Even through all the sadness in the world, there are blessing and so many things to be happy about. Yesterday I asked my Facebook friends to share some of the good things in their day with me. With responses ranging from weddings, to the happiness of their children, to simply being alive – they were able to focus and share their happiness.

So, how about it? Tell me what’s good in your world.

Photo: Great Fortune – Now How Do I Make It Happen?

One Motorcycle, Please – Hold the Salt

Over the weekend I had a nice conversation with another motorcycle rider. He mentioned that he wasn’t riding because of the snow. That’s understandable – maybe he didn’t feel safe or didn’t have gear that would keep him comfortable enough. But as we talked some more, it sounded like he wasn’t fully sure he wanted to not be riding. I could hear the desire tugging at his heart.

During the conversation he also happened to mention the salt on the roads. I guess looking at my pants and boots illustrated the point that the roads were a mess. He asked me if I worried about it.

I guess I do and I don’t. Of course I don’t want my bike to be encrusted in the stuff. But, it is easy enough to wash it down when I get home. I can spend hours doing something I love and only have to put in 20 minutes worth of clean up? Not a bad trade, really.

salty pants and boots

I’m not a ‘hardcore’ motorcyclist. At all. I’m just… regular. I love to ride and try to squeeze that in where I can. Sometimes that means in conditions that are less than perfect but, eh, whattayagonnado? If you spend your life sitting around waiting for perfection you aren’t going to get a lot done.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

I’m In! The Minuteman 1000 – 24 Hour Rally

Minuteman 1000 - MM1K

[EDIT] Because I cannot be in 3 places at once, I had to withdraw from the Minuteman. Maybe next year…

Since participating in The Void 7 in October 2012, I’m no longer a rally virgin. I guess that’s why I was feeling a bit cavalier (read: stupid) when I signed myself up to do the Minuteman 1000 this June. How bad could it be, right?


The format of the Minuteman is similar to what I did before:

…the MM1K is a 26 hr rally in the “traditional” format, i.e. you will be given a list of bonus locations along with point values for each location. The rider who obtains the most points will be the winner.

Get a flag, plan a route, ride around taking pictures all night, take a nap, take some more pictures then head back to the barn. Oh, and don’t fuck up. Yep. That sounds about right.

Did I Learn Anything From the Last Rally?

Well, yes, actually. Or maybe.


I now know I might want to get myself some kind of light that I can use to illuminate things that my headlights won’t reach. That was a lesson I learned during the night when I had to flag down a cop and asked him to use his spotlight to shine on a fish sign that was on a dark roof.

The light needs easily fit in a sidebag or top box with a bunch of other junk.

A big flashlight would also be handy for keeping Bigfoot away.

Suggestions welcome.

Spare Keys

Keeping your spare keys – including the spare for the topbox IN the topbox… not too bright. Keep keys on my person!


My tankbag is on the petite side. I wasn’t able to keep my paperwork in it without folding and crumpling it to hell. That meant during the Void, I had to go in my topbox for every stop. I may need to get myself a different tank bag. Maybe.

Relax, Trust My Gut and Enjoy the Ride

I need to not be such a neurotic freak. Keep calm and ride on.

Actually, I don’t feel nearly as wound up as I did when I entered the Void. I still have no assumptions about being remotely competitive. I’ll just be riding my ride and hopefully seeing some cool stuff along the way.


So that’s my story – for now.

Looking for Love? Buy a Motorcycle

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