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Happy National Donut Day – A Very Important Holiday

Happy National Donut Day – A Very Important Holiday

Though I’m cheating just a teensy-tinesy bit because I didn’t actually celebrate National Donut Day today, I do have a donuty post anyway.

While cruising around on the Bonnie last weekend I got to enjoy my first cider donut at a local farmstand.

Their cheerful little sign beckoned me to stop and sample their wares.

Their cakey dough-loops were delish. As a matter of fact, I wish I had one right now. I do love a good donut, you know.

If you too missed your chance to properly celebrate this wonderful day you can always make it up to yourself tomorrow. Every day is a good day for a donut. As the saying goes: Eat to ride, ride to eat.

Road Reads: Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck

Road Reads: Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck

Have you read Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley? In the 50+ years since it’s been published, the spark that sends people off to wander the highways and byways hasn’t changed much. The want to roam around and take in the world with your senses isn’t new. So many people are searching for something – meaning, feeling, information, understanding, escape, camaraderie, beauty, truth…

In other words, I don’t improve; in further words, once a bum always a bum. I fear the disease is incurable. I set this matter down not to instruct others but to inform myself.

I highly recommend Travels with Charley. Not only will you find yourself chuckling out loud but you will also find passages and phrases that resonate deeply.

Motorcycle Therapy: Blue Skies, Purple Irises And A Triumph Bonneville

Motorcycle Therapy: Blue Skies, Purple Irises And A Triumph Bonneville

On the weekends, my dog makes sure that I’m not late for work by licking my face at o’dark-thirty. Once satisfied that I’m up, she saunters back to her bed and lays down. She’s always got my back, that dog. Too bad I don’t work weekends.

Since being able to go back to sleep isn’t one of my super powers, I usually stumble down the hall, do some coffee voodoo and figure out what I’ll do with my day. I give thanks to the dog when up I’m early enough to take advantage of a day like this one:

The lesser seen side of Long Island, sans-hustle.

Seeing iris in bloom makes me smile. Every time.

Good morning, buffa-lumps.

Dreamily Making Plans To Go Nowhere

Dreamily Making Plans To Go Nowhere

Over the last couple days, I’ve been rapt with the idea of taking a trip. You might be thinking, “big deal. who isn’t always think about that?” And I’d mostly agree with you. But for me, there is a difference between casually thinking that it would be nice – and what I’ve come to know as me setting the groundwork for an actual outing. The where, what and when are abstract but the want is fully formed.

Lately I’ve had gauzy dream-like ideas about slowing things down and not crunching so many highway miles to get somewhere. My trip to Oklahoma in October 2016, while wonderful, was tiring. Committing yourself to travel a long way in a short amount of time is sometimes necessary. After all, it might be the only way you’ll get to see something. But as of late, I don’t have a specific thing I’m striving for. I’m striving to not strive.

The more I think about it the more I realize that I’m hungry for something unknown. During my most recent trips while I did wander, I still went armed with a list of things that were around the areas that I might be traveling through. Does making such lists take away some of the surprise? Does it make it more like I’m working towards a goal versus letting things unfold naturally? I’m a little on the fence. There is so much that is unknown between the punctuation points of start and finish.

It’s hard for me to imagine completely abandoning my “ideas” scribbles or the stars that decorate my Google maps. Maybe that isn’t really what I want to do at all. But instead, I just need to mentally chill out and not be such a ridiculous taskmaster. At the end of April when I was in West Virginia, it was so nice to just lazily float around. I saw some things I’d wanted to without any pressure, and the rest of the time my day just unfolded naturally. I saw so many unexpectedly interesting things. That was nice. I want more of that.

Part of my problem is that I get crazy about missing something. Who knows if I’ll ever be through that way again!? Those thoughts drive me to press on. I suppose I can’t miss something I’ve never seen, can I? And I’ve functioned my whole life without it already. What’s the sense in obsessing?

I have no doubt I will eat that last paragraph of words. I just hope it isn’t too soon.

A Saturday Ride Along the Hudson

A Saturday Ride Along the Hudson

On Saturday, I was squired about town by a handsome gent named Kenny. You may remember him from such hits as “Serendipity is a Giant Rocking Chair“, “Life is All Mail Pouch Barns and Rainbows” and of course, “Two KTMs and the Grand Canyon.” He also happens to be my (very patient) husband.

The two of us heading out for a day ride is pretty rare anymore. He’s very much a dirt rider whereas my heart still belongs to the street and traveling. It was good to have him along with me. It felt like olden tymes.

Once on the west side of the Hudson River, we stopped off at the 9W Filling Station Cafe for breakfast. It’s a hotbed of activity with cyclists and motorcyclists alike.

It is also suggested, though the artist never definitively said, that it was in part the inspiration for Edward Hopper’s “Gas.” He was a native of the town of Nyack, not far north.

After breakfast, we continued north and rode through Harriman State Park and on through a minefield.

We made a pit stop along route 218 to take in the view of the Hudson.

Kenny quietly wonders: which would be more painful? Plummeting in to the jagged rocks below -or- a lifetime of listening to me singing out loud with my headphones on? Decisions, decisions. 😉

And then he turned himself in to a tiny little man and stood on my motorcycle. (File under: Little Sweet.)

Love. This stuff is everywhere.

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