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The Song of the Motorcycle Commuter

The Song of the Motorcycle Commuter

They say it’s the little things in life that make you happy. When you bundle all those little things together you’ve got something like a giant… lint ball of happiness.

Wow. That is a terrible metaphor. But, I’m feeling a little ridiculous right now, so I’m going with it.

In an effort to get out of my winter slump, I’ve been commuting to work on the bike. Not a big deal, I know. But man, what a difference it makes for my mood each day.

When I sit in my office chair and slip out of my work shoes and back in to my riding boots Mr. Rogers-style, there is a feeling of giddiness. Almost like I’ve got a secret. And as my Sidis squeak and my Goretex swishes down the hallway past offices and cubicles? I’m singing the song of my people!

Hear me, office-dwellers! While you’re spreadsheeting and databasing, I shall be riding my motorcycle!

The early morning view from my office window.

Even when the lot is filled later in the day, I know I’ll have had the most fun on the way in.

Basking in the Light of Twinkling Stars

Basking in the Light of Twinkling Stars

The other day I stood in my kitchen staring at a postcard I’d received from one of the sweetest girls I’ll ever have a chance to know. I was overcome with gratitude. Knowing that there are people out there who are busy fighting their own battles and yet, they’ve got time to say that they’re in your corner, they’re pulling for you, thinking of you – it is humbling.

It can be hard not to feel like an undeserving fraud when you realize people care about you. Admittedly, I don’t know how to be a good friend.

There is something in my make up that compels me to hold just about everyone at a distance. Even when I feel great affection or love for them. It wasn’t always this way. It’s something that I’ve learned to do.

Unfortunately, I’m sure that I hurt peoples feelings with my standoffishness. But, I just don’t know how else to be anymore. When you take one step closer I take one step back.

Though I’m an awkward creep – nevertheless, people persist with showing me they care. There are so many twinkling stars in my orbit. Though I may be silent, I see your light.

Motorcycle Photo Post: A to Z Challenge

Motorcycle Photo Post: A to Z Challenge

This month, one of the blogs I read each day – Sumoflam’s Less Beaten Paths Travel Blog is participating in the #atozchallenge, posting 26 alpha-based posted during the month. The premise is to focus each post on a letter. Since I’m not actually participating I thought I’d nick the basic idea and do all 26 in one fell swoop. What can I say? I’m a rebel.

This turned out to be quite a nice way to sort through photos. Highly recommend giving it a whirl!


Atlanta, Illinois is where Tall Paul the hot dog wielding muffler man stands.


Bonneville. A sweet little thing.



C is for coffee, that’s good enough for me. The giant coffee pot is in Bedford, Pa.


Donut! That’s Randy’s in Inglewood, California.


Elephant. Saw this big pink one in Illinois.


Fungi. Mushroomy mural in Connecticut.


Gemini Giant! He was my muffler man holy grail. He’s on Route 66 in Wilmington, Illinois.


Hot Dog Johnny’s in Buttzville, NJ.


Welcome to Indiana.


Just love everybody.


KTM. Yes, please and thank you. A snap from River Rd.


Lovers Lane. It’s hard for me to resist stopping for them when I see them.


If that’s the Gateway Arch, this must be Missouri.


Greetings from North Carolina.


Welcome to Ohio.


Playing in puddles.


Quakertown, Pa. – Home of the giant barbells Kenny’s is attempting to lift.


Rockwood, Pennsylvania’s Uncle Sam Muffler man.


Sunrise over Illinois.


Tiny post office from Topaz, Ca.


That’s the unicorn that lives on the handlebars of my KTM.


Vienna, Illinois – the sadly decaying old Standard Oil Station.


Water tower with a smiley face – Makanda, Illinois.


X-ing the Delaware, KTM-style πŸ™‚


Yugos. Saw them balancing at Wild Bill’s in Connecticut.


Pit stop at the Zippo Lighter Museum in Bradford, Pa. The Zippo Car was amazing!


Random Odds and Ends from Kansas and Missouri

Random Odds and Ends from Kansas and Missouri

My route back home to Long Island from Catoosa, Oklahoma in October of 2016 bumbled along Route 66.

At the time I remember feeling like I was moving too fast, that I wasn’t taking enough time to linger. I don’t know why that happens but it does. You long for time away and then while you’re in the midst of it, you won’t slow down to savor it.

Looking through my limited selection of photos through Kansas and Missouri, hindsight tells me that I did it wrong. I hurried too much.

While traveling along ’66 in Illinois, I saw a vibrant blue Selz shoe wall adΒ in the town of Chenoa. While this one doesn’t quite compare aesthetically, it was still nice to see. This faded ad was in the town of Galena, Kansas.

Cars on the Route and the inspiration for Tow Mater.

I don’t know if I was delirious from dehydration or what, but the signs along the road for Uranus Fudge Factory cracked me up every time. To protect and serve Uranus.

Remember That Time I Rode to Oklahoma?

Remember That Time I Rode to Oklahoma?

In October of 2016, after completing the Void Rally 11 in Fredericksburg, Virginia I set off towards Oklahoma with the goal of seeing the Blue Whale of Catoosa. I know, I know. It’s ridiculous. But, that seems to be my specialty.

Straight as an arrow along Route 66 in Ok.

Swing and a Miss

With follow-through clearly being one of my shortcomings, I never did finish writing about and posting pics from that Oklahoma trip. On the heels of that, I didn’t finish posting photos and notes from my December 2016 California road trip. Hell, I don’t think I even finished up posting photos from my trip through Illinois in 2015. And then there is the little matter of finishing up my open Ask Me Anythings. I don’t even have a viable excuse.

Chances are you don’t care one way or the other so I’m not sure why I’m dancing around like this. I’m just going to shut up and post some pictures from Oklahoma.

Catoosa, Oklahoma

When you build something up in your mind as a pinnacle there is something of a coming down when you reach it. Because I was so focused on seeing the blue whale, I didn’t really have a plan for what I would do after that. Catoosa was the turnaround point of my trip, that much I knew. But there wasn’t anything penciled in after that. And so, I just stayed on Route 66 plugging away back towards Long Island.

Foyil, Oklahoma

Might big front yard turtle. They also had a “watermelon” propane tank back by the house but I couldn’t get a good snap of it. You’ll have to take my word for it and go see for yourself. This was a stones throw from Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park.

Chelsea, Oklahoma

Rush hour in Chelsea. Small towns like this are so far removed from my day to day reality. There is something about their spartan population that appeals to me. The life that I imagine is lived in such places tugs at my heart, every damned time.

Vinita, Oklahoma

This is a former Phillips 66 “batwing” station.

It’s been a minute since I’d seen one of these completely intact!

Commerce, Oklahoma

Another quiet town.

My interest in petroliana probably strikes some people as strange. Perhaps it is. I’m inclined to take a photo of an old gas pump or station more so than a tree. There is probably something psychologically telling in that. Perhaps we’d best leave it alone.

Afton, Oklahoma

The feeling of being far away from home was acute here, for some reason. When traveling on my own, there are times when my excitement is tempered by missing my family. Sharing photos is one thing but being able to turn to someone and speak about what you’re seeing is something else altogether.

The feeling that some of these smaller towns are kept afloat by Route 66 travelers is real. For me there was a mixture of wonder and melancholy. It was almost like, thank goodness you came to see it because it might not be around much longer. While that may not in fact be true, it was something that I came away with. They’re hanging on by the grace of nostalgia and hope.

Onward towards Kansas…

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