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I Spy: Life is Good on a Scooter

I Spy: What? Oil Leak? No Way…

That’s An Unusual KLR Headlight Mod

Sometimes in life you find yourself doing what you gotta do, just to get by.

Looks like this KLR owner I spotted the other day was doing just that.

I’m not exactly sure a Maglight would be my first choice as a headlight replacement, but okaaaay. I’m sure it uh,… works GREAT! And is perfectly legal to pass safety inspection. :)

If you’ve ever poked around on this type of stuff may be all too familiar.

How About You?

Have you ever jury-rigged something hokey up on your bike? Maybe a milk crate instead of a top box? Bleach jug hand guards?  Don’t be shy!

Not Quite Tiptoeing Through the Tulips

…but pretty close!

While out for a ride with Kenny and Ben, I spotted a crop of sunflowers. With their happy disposition, they’re one of my favorite flowers.

Even though I’m generally pretty camera shy, I just HAD to have Kenny take my picture with them.

Aren’t they sweet?

Moto Photo: Welcome to New York

On the Long Island north shore’s far eastern end is the town of Orient. From there you can catch a ferry to New London, Connecticut. Or – exit the ferry from New London as it were, here on the Island.

When you roll off of the Long Island bound ferry, you are greeted by a big green sign that in my case, tells me I’m home.

Do you have a picture of your bike in front of your home state’s “Welcome” sign?