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Sunday Snapshots: Photos from Our Ride

Moto Photo: Can You Blog #29in29?

One of my Twitter buddies Grizz1200 was tweeting a picture each day and following the Instagram hashtag #JanPhotoADay. Inspired by that and the need to get back in to blogging more regularly, I am going to try my best to blog at least 1 photo each day throughout the month of February – #29in29

I’ll be doing my best to make sure that each photo will relate to motorcycles in some way. Sounds easy, right?

Care to Join Me?

There are no rules other than, take pictures and post at least 1 each day on your blog in the month of February. Too many rules make things annoying so, that’s it. Picture – Post – Yay.

Hope to see lots of photos and posts throughout the month!

Participating Blogs

Make sure to stop by the following blogs to see how they’re doing throughout the month!

My #29in29 Blog Posts:

Snapshot: Snow, Snow, Go Away…

The snow has finally made an appearance here on Long Island. It was so pretty when it was freshly fallen. But, here it is only a day later and I’m already wishing for clear roads. I’d love to take a ride and snap some photos. Sadly the streets are still quite icy.

Today it looks like I’m going to have to use Twitter, blogs and Facebook to get my motorcycle fix.

Moto Photo: Me and My Shadow

It’s that time of year when the shadows start to get long early in the day.

This photo was snapped on the GoPro when Chloe and I were out riding our dirt bikes. Just my girl and me… and our shadows.

How About You?

Have a blog? Have a photo of you and your shadow on the bike? Let’s see it!

I Spy: Honda CBX 1000 – Sexy 6