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Welcome to My Brain’s Filing Cabinet

Welcome to My Brain’s Filing Cabinet

Last night, Kenny was sitting on the couch flipping through photos on his phone. He’d scroll then tilt his phone my way and say “where was that?” and I’d answer. The answer would be something I knew immediately. Some were obvious if you’d been there. Even seemingly nondescript places have tell-tale giveaways. But some were a little more obscure, like our dog sitting on an outdoor carpet in front of the RV without a telling backdrop. But, because I took the photo, I knew exactly where it was.

It isn’t uncommon for him to ask me things like, “What year was that song…, where is that giant…, where did we see…?” I’ve got a good track record for being able to pluck those details out of the ether. But, I cannot seem to apply this type of recall to things I use in my day-to-day life maintenance. For those tasks, I have to write lists. Without one, I might walk into Target and say “what the hell did I come here for?” I may even struggle to remember what I ate for lunch the day before. And people’s names? Forget it.  I’ll immediately know all sorts of details that surround them, but their name is something I have to mine for.

When I read about things I might like to ride to, they become particularly sticky in my brain. For a casual observer who isn’t especially interested in stuff like ghost ads, Mail Pouch barns or muffler men – those things might all look the same. But when I take an interest in something I’ve read about or saw in a photograph, it is almost like it becomes imprinted. I know the city or town, what makes it different, etc. Occasionally, Kenny will say “why do you know that?” And in turn, I wonder why he doesn’t.

I would love to see what the filing cabinet of my brain looks like. It’s probably covered with travel stickers, has a dent in the side and the fun stuff drawer is overflowing with scraps of paper. When you open the drawer labeled useful, moths fly out.

Hunting Ghosts: Mail Pouch, Uneeda Biscuit and the Circle Dot

Hunting Ghosts: Mail Pouch, Uneeda Biscuit and the Circle Dot

On Sunday I stopped by to take a peek at the Mail Pouch Tobacco ghost ad on East Main in Beacon, NY.

Though I’d been to Beacon before, I never saw the sign. It has a serious fade going. As best as I can tell the slogan call outs are “Sweet Chew” (I think) and “Cool Sweet Smoke.” Cool sweet smoke sounds… well, cool. Except for that whole, I actually think smoking is disgusting thing.

Beacon is a lovely, walkable little town. There are art pieces peppered about which I love. But with the summer heat burning away, I didn’t linger to walk around in my riding gear. I couldn’t resist the hammer figure when I saw it, though.

Executive Action – Edward Benavente

Kenny says that’s a lady butt. I think it’s a dude butt. What say you?

Horseshoes – Peter Schlemowitz

Not far north of Beacon, I pulled in to a gas station to fill up and grab a drink. When I walked outside, I saw a former Phillips 66 batwing station across the street. I’d seen one last year while I was in Vinita, Oklahoma but I can’t say I’ve seen any others in my travels here in the northeast. It could just be that my internal antenna hasn’t been tuned in.

Just around the corner from Vassar College stood a building with a multilayered ghost ad.

Biggest & Best, Clean & Good
On Land or Sea You’ll All Agree

Liberty Tobacco

Package ??

Long cut ??

Uneeda Biscuit Package 5¢

Moments like this make me wish I had a tiny drone 🙂

I’ve passed this ghost of the Circle Dot Drivein dozens of times while zipping down the road to catch the Bridgeport ferry back home. Each time I say “I should stop,” but until yesterday I haven’t had enough time to futz around taking pictures without missing the boat.

A quick look around the web points to the Circle Dot being a beloved community fixture for many years.

Roessler’s was a hot dog brand. One people were pretty excited about, I guess since the name made it to the sign above the building. If you look closely you can see the outline of the hot dog painted around the neon.

Time marches on. I wonder what people will one day document from our time?

Route 6 Wondering and Wanderings

Route 6 Wondering and Wanderings

What is the psychological draw to follow single coast-to-coast or transcontinental routes? I’m talking about routes like US 6 or US 20. If you’re standing on the roadway you may have one end of the ribbon dipped into the Atlantic while the other is being pounded by the surf of the Pacific.

Route 6

map image source 

Growing up, I lived just south of the Bear Mountain Bridge and Harriman State Park. When I started riding motorcycles, seeing Route 6 signs became a fixture of my rides. My stomping ground weaved in, over and around 6 where it passes through New York and Pennsylvania.

Since I’ve lived on Long Island, I’ve passed over Route 6 while heading north across Connecticut many times. But I haven’t followed it for any length of Connecticut, Rhode Island or Massachusetts. I’ve skipped it even though it’s just… right… there.

After visiting the Gemini Giant in Wilmington, Illinois, the following morning I picked up Route 6 in Napoleon, Ohio and followed it to Pennsylvania. I’ve also come to Route 6 from the eastern side of PA and ridden sections of it in the middle. I’d be surprised if I haven’t ridden the full length of the route that passes through the Keystone state. I just seem to do it in pieces and parts versus straight through. That’s been my approach to Route 66, too.

Route 6 Snapshots

The Red Rose Diner in Towanda, Pa.: 472 Miles to Province Town, MA – 3180 Miles to Long Beach, CA.

The old fire station in Meshoppen, PA

6 to 666 in Sheffield, Pa

The Milford, PA Bigfoot

East Beach – Lorain, OH – Route 6 and Lake Erie

East Smethport, PA Post office

Serenity Glass Park, Port Allegany, PA

A mural in Coudersport, PA

Mail Pouch Barn on 6 and 146 in Mount Jewett, PA

Marie Antoinette Overlook – Wyalusing, PA

The Wellsboro Diner – Route 6, PA

Ride Snaps: Odds, Ends and Assorted Things I’ve Seen Recently

Ride Snaps: Odds, Ends and Assorted Things I’ve Seen Recently

While I’m out and about I end up taking a lot of pictures that either end up on Instagram or are left to wither in obscurity on my phone. Sometimes it’s because I can’t weave them into a post and have them make sense. So, I’m not going to try. I’m just going to stick them out here and hope for the best.

Hope you get out and see something interesting this weekend. Ride safe, Y’all!

While on my way to Troy, New York I passed an actual working Drive-In theater! The last time I saw a movie in one, I was maybe 18 or 19. It was in Pennsylvania near the town of Slatington, but now I cannot remember exactly where.

Hollywood Drive-in Theater
9270 NY-66,
Averill Park, NY 12018

These are Muffler Man feet. They belong to the big guy in Hancock, Massachusetts. My people-feet shown for size reference.

I was hooked by the big mug on the roof. I hadn’t noticed the far more appealing bacon and eggs plastic sign until I looked at the photo. I wish I had that to hang in my living room.

My sweet doggo enjoying the morning sunshine.

Strawberry 690 Enduro.

When people dismissively ask what you can get for a quarter these days, you know they’ve never picked up a book at a thrift shop or a yard sale. Finding a good book in such places is like unearthing a treasure.

David Sedaris is hilarious.

I know it’s a place of religious worship but this Hindu temple in Wilton, Connecticut looks like an ice cream parlor to me. And those domes look like boobs over Ganesha’s head. Can’t unsee.

When I approached the outdoor Circle Museum grounds, I slammed on the anchors to take a look. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a $5 to drop in the honesty box to enter the grounds. I did have a $20, though but didn’t part with it. I just stood on the outside of the fence gawking.

I spent the rest of the afternoon feeling like a cheapskate that I didn’t just drop the twenty and go in.

Most likely an angel. Art is about interpretation though, right? Well… Hotdog Mothman.






Ride Snaps: Recent Murals, Graffiti and Street Art

Ride Snaps: Recent Murals, Graffiti and Street Art

While I’m out cruising around, I like to stop and take a look at murals, graffiti and street art along the way. Here are a couple bright spots from the last couple weeks.

I’m not sure why dueling grim reapers wearing oven mitts are partaking in a smash-up derby, but, okay. Also, I never really pegged the big GR as a Volvo kind of spirit. Seems a little “safety first,” if you ask me. But, what do I know?

At first glance, this mural may seem innocuous but there are little details about it that make you wonder what the artist had in mind. (see enlarged) Spotted this in Troy, NY.

Simple and sweetly primitive. It was on the side of Flavour Coffee Shop in Troy, NY.

This list of names painted on the roadway was near a high school. I’m guessing they’re the names of seniors who will be saying goodbye and heading off to college.

My daughter’s name 🙂

Just the right amount of ridiculous whimsy <3 This wall was in the parking lot of the Opera House at Boothbay Harbor.

Me too, dude. Me too.



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