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10 Steps of Roadtripping with Fuzzygalore

10 Steps of Roadtripping with Fuzzygalore

When I awoke in the morning, the sun was not yet up. I laid there in the silence thinking about my surroundings and the leap of faith that brought me there. You see, before I left home I had something of a self-induced emotional crisis that nearly made me stay home. Again.

This is my 10-step routine to road tripping:

Step 1: Imagination is left unchecked, come up with a brilliant idea, get crazy excited.
Step 2: Start putting a plan to set off in motion.
Step 3: Allow a pinch of doubt to creep in, jussssst enough to make sure that I dot my I’s and cross my T’s.
Step 4: Open the floodgates of guilt and dash my plans against the rocks of uncertainty until I am paralyzed by inaction.
Step 5: Crush self under the weight of indecision.
Step 6: Come to the understanding that I am the worst human on Earth.
Step 7: Confirm with family 247 times that they really don’t mind if I leave.
Step 8: Abandon ship, I’ll just stay home. I have lots of cleaning to do.
Step 9: Go anyway.
Step 10: Wonder why I put myself through the torture.

Hello, Friday – It’s Good to See You

Hello, Friday – It’s Good to See You

Happy Friday, Y’all. It’s been a draining work week and I’m glad to see it coming to a close. My Fridays in the office have a palpable feeling of impending escape. They’re lighter than the other four days in the clink. Is it the same with you?

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. Unlike many of this holiday’s images I see in media where mom gets breakfast in bed and a macaroni necklace or something, I won’t be celebrating that way. I kinda hate Mother’s Day, for no rational reason other than it seems forced. It’s a weird manufactured pressure to tell someone something. I see it in the same way that many do Valentine’s Day. What can I say, I’m a curmudgeon.

We’ve got thunderstorms rolling our way for the weekend. That’s a bummer since I have been enjoying getting back into the swing of day-tripping on the bike. If I’m not already traveling and making the best of a rainy day, I”m less inclined to venture out from home to spend the day riding in it.

If I end up homebound, maybe I’ll be able to finish up some of the 200+ drafts that are sitting in my blog’s Drafts folder. Some of them are just a few pictures, some are rambling thoughts or snippets of ideas, and some need to go right into the trash. It feels like there is always some kind of digital cleaning to do. Invariably when I do tidy up around here, I’ll rediscover some dusty post and think – I like that one. Maybe when I find those a “re-run” post is in order to call back old stuff. I dunno.

Hope you have a nice weekend in your part of the universe.


George’s Coney Island – Worcester, Massachusetts

George’s Coney Island – Worcester, Massachusetts

On the way home from Lynn, Massachusetts, where I visited the greatest mural ever, I made a pit stop in Worcester to “eat here and get gas,” as it were. After filling up my tank I filled up my belly with the works (hold the onions).

What is Coney Island’s secret? The between-wars ambiance of the building. The unapologetically splendiferous sign. The secret chili sauce. The American love affair with the hot dog. All may have had a part to play in the business’ success…

And a splendiferous sign, it is. The first time I ever saw it in a photograph online, I just knew one day I”d have to visit.

The hot dogs were tasty. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed them the whole 100+ mile back to the ferry. #heartburn

I enjoyed my trip to Coney Island and I forsee stopping in again. They’ve been servin’ up dogs since 1918, so I guess plenty of people feel the same.

George’s Coney Island
158 Southbridge St.
Worcester, MA 01608


If You Need Me, I’m Out To Lunch

If You Need Me, I’m Out To Lunch

“Where are you riding to today?”

“I don’t know exactly. Just around.”

The summation of my life. I move around with vague ideas of where I think I’m going but often end up distracted or rerouted. Or, I may wind up where I thought I would but I followed a convoluted path to get there. Detours are unknowable. Sometimes they help, sometimes they hurt and you won’t know which scenario you’ve got until you reach the end of the road.

I suppose the only thing you can do is keep on ridin’.

Are You Ready to See the Greatest Mural Ever?

Are You Ready to See the Greatest Mural Ever?

Hands down, the most incredible mural I saw while visiting Lynn, Massachusetts, and perhaps that I’ve ever seen is this collab between JPO and Miss Zukie.

“Zukies are a fluffy and chubby character that don’t talk,” the Peru native said. “They communicate with facial expressions and thought bubbles.”

They sound like my people!

I’m in love.

More Info

See this mural on Google Maps. Better yet, go see it in person. It is awesome!

Miss Zukie


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