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Saturday Ride: Finding a Hidden Gem – Bamboo Forest

After spending last Saturday night doing the Crotona Midnight Run on the giant behemoth that is the GS, the DRZ felt positively toy-like. Everything on my little black Suzuki just felt so… easy. From the pull on the levers, to leaning it up off it’s side stand, to feeling it’s weight balanced underneath me at a traffic light. Just so much more, me.

As I was riding along through sandy lanes on the North Shore, I spotted a bamboo patch that I’d never noticed before. Bamboo isn’t exactly indigenous to Long Island, so I pulled over to snap a quick photo with my phone. When I looked at the result in Hipstamatic, I couldn’t help but feel that the random film treatment made it look like summer in the photo. Wishful thinking.

Hidden Gems

I love tripping over hidden gems in my own back yard. Have you ever found something in your local travels and said “Wow, I can’t believe I never noticed that before?”

This Hipstamatic photo used the Chunky lens from the Mac & Milk Fashion FreePak with the Blanko Noir film from the Blanko Noir Hipstapak.

DRZ Bits: The Birthday Fairy Came!

You know? I think I may have won the boyfriend lottery. The UPS man came a-callin’ at my office today, delivering what I found out, was an early birthday present from Kenny.

Inside the box: The Clarke 3.9 gallon fuel tank for my DRZ. Surprise!

More Go - Less Stop
More Go - Less Stop

I can safely say that I am the only person at work with a gas tank on their desk.

Should I take this as a sign that Kenny wants me to go away? I just may have to take him up on that this spring.

Moto Photo: The Pano iPhone Panoramic Photo App

My iPhone is like nerd crack. It’s always in my pocket, even the one on my motorcycle jacket.

I shamelessly noted before that one of the only reasons I got an iPhone was for the Hipstamatic app. In the 6 months that I’ve had the phone now I’ve accumulated quite a few other camera apps as well. One of the more recent purchases was Pano.

Pano allows you to stitch together photos to create a panoramic image right on your phone. With minimal patience, you can put together a kick-ass panorama.

You have to be mindful of lining up the image on the screen when you’re shooting or you are susceptible to defying the laws of physics with your photo. At first you might not notice these types of anomalies. But even when you do – they just might not bother you that much.

You can see the light bending at the stitch points:

In this pic on the left, you can see the ghost edge of the tree branches:

Even with their (user) errors, I still like the pictures.

Soth at Steady on the Humble has a new masthead image of his bicycle in the snow on the Brooklyn Bridge which was shot with Pano. Can I get an amen for how great this pic is?

In the last few months I’ve taken hundreds of photos. In that same period of time, I’ve made about 15 phone calls. I almost wish this device was called something other than a “phone”.

Do you use your phone to take photos when out on the bike or are you a die hard digital camera user?

GoPro Hero: A Chesty Motorcycle Video on a Winter Day

When Kenny came home from grabbing breakfast on Sunday morning, he found me outside shoveling the remaining snow away from the front of our garage door.

As he walked up the driveway he looked at me, chuckled and said, “where are you going?” I was of course was shocked by his inference and the look on my face told him just that. The nerve! Can’t a girl shovel the remaining snow out of the driveway just to be helpful?

The answer to that question would be… No. There was only about 10 feet of snow on the ground standing between me and going out for a ride. It would have been criminal to waste a perfectly good free afternoon doing something absurd like cleaning or laundry. So, I shoveled.

And His Partner is Chest Rockwell

Jack Horner: Do these characters have a name?
Dirk: The guy’s name is Brock Landers.
Reed Rothchild: And his partner is Chest Rockwell.

Kenny got a Chesty chest mount for his GoPro Hero camera this Christmas. Being the chestiest person around here (and I do rock it well), I figured I would be the perfect candidate to take it out for it’s inaugural ride.

The view from Chesty is pretty solid and doesn’t come across as jittery. Even when jumping up and down and shakin’ what your mama gave ya in your boyfriends face. There also seemed to be less wind noise on the audio but that could be attributed to me moving fairly slowly on the wintery streets.

If you are inclined to ride in a crouched position then this particular mount might not serve you well. Also, if you are used to riding with a helmet mount, you might miss the “seeing what I see” point of view as you turn your head.

All in all, I find this particular mount to offer a nice point of view with a steady picture. It’s a great addition to all of the other mounting points like the fork leg, anywhere the suction cup will mount and the tried and true helmet mount.

It also gives boys and girls an actual reason to blatantly stare at your headlights. Win!

Chesty Point of View:

I wonder how it does being worn backwards, shooting the riders behind you? Hmm… I may just have to get out for another ride pronto!

Wishes Do Come True – REV’IT Motorcycle Socks

You never really know who is reading your blog, do you?

In a completely unexpected turn of events, I was contacted on Twitter by Anthony at Revzilla asking me if I’d gotten the REV’IT socks that were on my Christmas wishlist.

Of course, like any normal (read: skeptical) person I figured they were trying to sell me something. But as it turns out, that wasn’t the case. Anthony, you know – the guy in all their product videos – said he was a fan of my blog and would be happy to send me a pair.

Uh… what?! Really? I don’t know why, but I’m always shocked to find out people actually read my blog. :lol:

A few days later 2 pairs of REV’IT socks showed up; 1 pair of Tour Summer and 1 pair of Tour Winter.

Revzilla did not ask for a review or a blog post or any other thing in exchange for the socks. They just… sent them and said Merry Christmas. Holy crap!

Having actually shopped their online store a few times; each being a good experience, I’m happy to tip my hat to them and to say – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You made me a very happy girl.

Now if only these 2 feet of snow outside would melt I could give my new socks a whirl!