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Happy Friday: DRZ 400 Parts Installed, Now Let’s Go Riding!

Happy Friday: DRZ 400 Parts Installed, Now Let’s Go Riding!

All of the bits and bobs that the Fedex man delivered to my office last week have now been installed on the DRZ. With temperatures slated to be near 50 degrees over the weekend, I’m hoping to get out and do a little poking around on the bike. Wishing you much of the same. Enjoy your weekend riding. Happy Friday!

Suzuki DRZ 400 Motorcycle Fuzzygalore

  • Do you have any riding plans for the weekend? Make us jealous in the comments below!
Suzuki DRZ 400: The Fedex Man Cometh

Suzuki DRZ 400: The Fedex Man Cometh

The Fedex man is always much more sexy to me when he comes with a box full of motorcycle parts. Or shoes. Yesterday morning he came sauntering in to the office real smooth-like and dropped off a mystery box for me. It turned out to be some bits for the DRZ.

What’s Was in the Box?

  • Unabiker Radiator Guards
  • Bark Busters
  • Skid Plate
  • Case Covers
Thumper Talk Case Covers DRZ 400 DRZ 400 Skid Plate

I’m a lucky girl!

It’s almost like I have a motorcycle faerie. I didn’t actually order anything for the bike myself. The DRZ just showed up for my birthday and now this. If I knew what I did to deserve all this, I would’ve started doing it a long time ago!

Even though I am a nail-biting poser at this time, I’ll be ready to get out there and try some dualsport riding again soon! …I think.

Suzuki DRZ 400 Dualsport Motorcycle Long Island

Hot Stuff Updates: Gerbing’s T5 Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Hot Stuff Updates: Gerbing’s T5 Heated Motorcycle Gloves

For Christmas this year, my Mom & Dad sent both Kenny and myself a pair of Gerbing Microwire T5 heated gloves. It was not until this weekend that I got a change to plug them in and give them a try.

Gerbing’s products are made to all connect together in one big circuit. Each garment has a plug or a jack to connect to one another. You can use an individual thermostat to variably control the heat flowing through each garment directly or you can use a single thermostat to control all.

Hero of the Stupid

If you are a dummy like me you might make the incorrect assumption that with an interconnected system all of the wires and jacks in the jacket liner would be powered once you are plugged in to the battery. This is not the case.

Gerbing Heated Liner and Splitter Wire for Accessory

One Thermostat, Multiple Garments

If you only want to use a single thermostat controller for both your jacket liner and your gloves, you will need a splitter. Power from the motorcycle battery must be flowing into both male jacks on the jacket liner in order to power an accessory from the liner.

Plug the 2 female splitter ends into the jacket liner and the 1 male splitter end into the thermostat controller. Now, plug the gloves in to the liner’s forearm jacks. Your body and your hands will be toasty; controlled by a single thermostat.

Gerbing T5 Microwire Gloves

So how are they?

In a word… Scrumtrilescent.

By the time that I arrived home from my ride yesterday, it was about 25 degrees out. At no time during the ride were my hands ever cold, even at highway speeds. I do still have the handlebar muffs on my bike as well.

The T5 gloves are not as bulky and vague feeling as my Alpinestars winter gloves though not as natural feeling as my regular non-winter leather gloves. I did not feel impaired by the T5s in any way.

All in all I think they are fantastic. Though the $170 price tag may not be an easy one to swallow, I would go so far as to say that they are worth it if you are inclined to ride in the cold weather. Much like the heated liner, I found myself wondering why I didn’t just buy them for myself prior to getting them as a gift. I guess mom really does know best!

Triumph Speed Triple Icy Lake

Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear: Gerbing’s T5 Heated Gloves

Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear: Gerbing’s T5 Heated Gloves

Gerbing Microwire T5 Heated GloveThe UPS Fairy came to my office today and dropped off a pair of Gerbing’s Microwire T5 heated gloves. These were a belated Christmas present courtesy of my mom & pop. Isn’t it just like a mom to always want to make sure that you’re dressed warmly enough?

Preliminary Findings

  • They don’t feel super bulky, which is what I hate about winter riding gloves. When my hands become desensitized by a glove it drives me nuts.
  • The wrist can be tightened with a velcro strap, to help secure fit and keep out drafts. The gauntlet has a pull string for cinching closed over your jacket sleeve.
  • The quality of the materials is very nice. With leather palms, fingers and knuckles the gloves appear to be well made. It is what you would expect from Gerbing.
  • The connection with the Gerbing liner that I already have appears to be as easy as pie. The sleeve of the liner has a zipper-enclosed jack connector on the forearm that plugs into the glove. No crazy spaghetti wiring. Score!

Gerbing Microwire T5 Heated Gloves

I’m looking forward to giving them a test ride this weekend. So far, Sunday is looking like it is going to be sunny and in the 30’s. Between the heated gloves and my handlebar muffs, I should have the toastiest digits in all the land!

Do you have any experience with these gloves? Let’s hear about it!

10 Un-Scientific Findings Regarding Loud Motorcycle Pipes

10 Un-Scientific Findings Regarding Loud Motorcycle Pipes

Earlier this week I asked you, the super sexy people that you are, if you thought loud pipes saved lives or if they were well, just loud. During this highly unscientific process we uncovered some interesting findings.

It came as no surprise that several commenters felt that anything that increased your visibility amongst the traffic would be helpful. That makes sense. Every year there must be thousands of motorcycle/car accidents where the driver just “didn’t see” the bike. But, being the most awesomest bunch of readers on the innernets you of course taught me several other things I hadn’t considered.

10 ‘Facts’ About Loud Pipes as Told by the Readers of

  • Anything that helps you to be “seen” as a rider, just might save your life.
  • Loud pipes are annoying.
  • Instead of sinking money into your cans, maybe you should learn to ride more defensively. You hear that, Pamela Anderson?
  • Monkeys from space are no match for a distracted driver.
  • Loud pipes can be helpful in identifying asswipes.
  • When you’re just one of thousands of noisy vehicles on the road- people may be too distracted by their radios, phones & electronics to pick up on your noise.
  • Loud jackets save lives. Can I get an Amen on the Hi-Viz jacket?
  • Loud paint saves lives.
  • Moving defensively and more speedily than the traffic around you might be more help than a noisemaker.
  • Magnum PI wears loud Hawaiian shirts and he might save your life.


You can debate 9 out of 10 of these facts until you’re blue in the face. But, based on the above the evidence I think we can all agree on one thing. As long as you are riding with Tom Selleck, you should be ok. Magnum PI Saves Lives. You heard it here first.

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