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Super-Extendo GoPro on a Stick Kicks Ass

Right before I left for The Void Rally, I picked up a new GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition. The 3+ is a pretty big improvement over my old Heros. The photo quality is great, it’s smaller than the old unit, has a remote and a light on the back showing its running (yay!) .

But my favorite part? I also picked up a telescoping extender arm from XShot.

We’ve all been there, right? You’re alone and want to capture a photo of yourself someplace but you don’t have a tripod, no timer on your camera, the old arm-out-selfie doesn’t capture enough of the view, or maybe it’s raining and your camera isn’t waterproof. Enter the GoPro on a stick!

I’m so crazy about it! It is the best $20ish bucks I’ve spent in some time.

There are about eleventy billion different extenders to choose from. The one criteria I used to pick one was to make sure that it collapsed small enough to fit into my tankbag.

Now with my new super-extendo stick, I actually carry my GoPro around in my purse all the time. I’ve been using on walks, while riding my bicycle and when I’m just out and about.

I’m in love :)

GoPro Outtakes: I Stick My Fingers Under My Arms and Then I Smell ‘em Like That

GoPro Photo-Mode Outtakes and Candids

The GoPro in photo mode is really the gift that keeps on giving. I was just going through iPhoto on my Macbook Air – the computer that I drag around when traveling. There are often photos on it that I forget about.

I just stumbled across this one:

I love that Kenny looks like a teeny-tiny person and I look like a giant, even though he towers over me in real life.  Apparently I was a giant that made no sense whatsoever, judging by the look on his face.

You can file this one under ‘pinky out’. I had no idea that I did this weird pinky move until I started using the GoPro.

Considering there is absolutely NOTHING but bright blue sky, I have no idea what I was pointing at in this picture. Maybe I was trying the ole “OMG, it’s Bigfoot!… made ya look” on Kenny?

 Then are those time when you capture… moving on…

Sometimes the unfortunate innards of a bug will ruin what could have been a lovely photo.

The same can be said for a poorly placed rain drops or fog on the lens.

But my favorite GoPro candids are the ones that capture a view that you might not have otherwise stopped for. When you find those gems on the memory card, it makes it all worth it. 

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GoPro Candids: You Choose the Ending

Remember those choose your own adventure books that were popular in the 80’s?

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful, smart and charming girl who liked to ride motorcycles. Did I mention she was really beautiful? And thin! Very thin. Her hair smelled like strawberries and her smile sparkled with the essence of starlight and unicorn glitter.

The beautiful and (very) thin motorcycle girl had a boy she was sweet on. He was nice.

Often the two sweethearts would find themselves on motorcycle adventures in places that were far, far away from their home. They would dance along countless corners in unison and visit things like muffler men, shoe houses and goats on the roof. The girl with the strawberry scented hair would squeal with delight as they would pull up to place after wacky place. The boy…

You Choose the Ending:

A.) Excited by yet another stop at a kooky roadside spot, reached out to hug the beautiful (and thin) motorcycle girl and said – “Gosh, I just love all these roadside attractions. Especially in the pouring rain!”

B.) Had it up to here with the foolishness and got caught on video trying to force choke the (beautiful) girl for dragging him to another stupid flippin’ place in the freakin’ rain!

C.) [You supply the ending]


File Under: Is This Thing On? GoPro Self Portrait at 30 MPH

While sorting through GoPro pictures that were snapped during the 2012 Berkshire Big Adventure over the weekend I found another “Is This Thing On” self-portrait:

I have mastered the ability to not know whether my camera is running. It is always a bummer to find out that I missed capturing something good when I get back home. But all in all, having the GoPro shooting photos all day has been great. Love that little camera!