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Whispering Giants Motorcycle Grand Tour: Northeastern Round-up, So Far

Whispering Giants Motorcycle Grand Tour: Northeastern Round-up, So Far

While I was wandering through Pennsylvania in July, I was able to stop and visit some Whispering Giants for the Grand Tour. Though bummed to find the Giant in Williamsport, Pa. had been removed I did strike gold in Akron, Oh., Dunkirk, Ny., and Sharon, Pa.

Sharon, Pa.:

whispering giant - sharon, pa

Unfortunately, the Sharon giant has a significant amount of rot. There has already been extensive repair work to keep him standing.

whispering giant - sharon pa

The whole underside of his nostrils is rotted out and you can see a gap in the tooth area as well. Hang in there, buddy. 🙁

Dunkirk, Ny:

whispering giant - dunkirk, ny

Rotaynah – Akron, Oh:

whispering giant - Rotaynah - Akron, Ohio

Of this Giants that I’ve seen so far, Rotaynah has made the biggest impression on me. He’s been my favorite.

whispering giant rotaynah akron ohio

He’s huge and has a very striking appearance. There has been some repair work on him, so I hope that helps his longevity.

Wouldn’t you know it? Hammy’s Titan Quest Rally in August used Whispering Giants as bonus locations. During the rally I visited 3 more Giants: Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.

Chief Little Owl – Bethany Beach, De:

whispering giant - chief little owl - bethany beach, md

Nanticoke – Ocean City, Md:

Whispering Giant - Nanticoke - Ocean City, Maryland

Virginia Beach, Va:

whispering giant - virginia beach va

Some of the Giants that I’ve previously posted about:

Enisketomp in Plymouth, Ma:

This was by far the tallest of the Giants that I’ve visited. I loved his long braids. Read more about my Enisketomp visit.

whispering giant plymouth ma

Enishkeetompauog in Narragansett, Rhode Island:

whispering giant ENISHKEETOMPAUOG Narragansett rhode island

Omiskanoagwiak – Springfield, Ma:

My very first stop on the Grand Tour.

whispering giant - Omiskanoagwiak - Springfield, Massachusetts

This brings up my total Whispering Giants visited for the Grand Tour to 9. That’s already better than I thought I would do. I’ve got 2 more that I would like to see (Vermont and New Hampshire) before the Grand Tour ends. I hope I can make it!

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Void Rally 10: Lights, Camera…Speculation

Void Rally 10: Lights, Camera…Speculation

The 2015 24-hr Void Rally 10 doesn’t say much by way of what the theme of the rally will be. As in years past, you are left trying to piece together clues based on tidbits of information that trickle out of HQ. But taking cues from the rally graphic and the text on the event homepage a little speculation is in order.

void rally 10

Captain Obvious would like to weigh in – it appears to be movies and/or TV related. Thank you, Captain.

But… you just never know with this wily Rallymaster. It could just be that you have to appear in all of your own bonus photos or (heaven forbid) a video. The reason I say that is because of this cute little tidbit on the rally homepage:

There will be lights, cameras and ACTION! in this year’s event. You’ll produce your own ride and have the opportunity to be the star of your pictures.

A video might be a stretch but could it be a selfie-rally? Will bonus stops be places that appeared in movies or television or places that inspired a show? My first thought was maybe I’ll get a chance to visit Mayberry or Cooter’s Place. I’ve got my selfie-stick and my Gorillapod at the ready.

We’ve got about 6 weeks to go before the curtain opens.

The Void Rally
October 9-10 2015

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Riding the Titan Quest 24-Hour Rally

Riding the Titan Quest 24-Hour Rally

During the weekend of August 8-9, 2015 I rode in the inaugural Hammy’s Experimental Rallies 24-Hour Titan Quest. A flag and bonus photo rally that highlighted Muffler Men, Giant Chickens and Whispering Giants. You can read about it here:

Big Time Muff : Riding the Titan Quest 24-Hour Rally





Titan Quest 24-Hour Rally Tracking: Follow Along on SpotWalla

Titan Quest 24-Hour Rally Tracking: Follow Along on SpotWalla

If you’re curious about where I am during the 24-hour Titan Quest Rally, you can follow along below. I’m not in it to win it, as usual so I’ll be doing some sightseeing while collecting points. My SPOT will start tracking at 6am on Saturday 8-8-15.

Muffler men, giant chicken army, Whispering Giants, OH MY!

This was my route plus the leg back home from New Holland, Pa.

Titan Quest 24-Hour Rally: Pre-Ride Preparations

Titan Quest 24-Hour Rally: Pre-Ride Preparations

On Saturday morning August 8 at 6:00am, Rally Master Hammy has cleared us for take off for the first running of the 24-hour Titan Quest Rally. We will have 24 hours to ride around looking at giant chickens, muffler men and whispering giants while collecting points on the clock.

In an interesting twist compared to what I’ve done in previous 24-hour rallies, we are able to start from anywhere we want as long as we end up a Yoder’s Restaurant in New Holland, Pa. by 11am on Sunday. So we can actually finish the 24-hour riding portion of the rally with an end receipt anywhere too. That’s different.

The only downside to this plan is that after having brunch I’ve still got at least 4 hours to ride home from New Holland, Pa. on Sunday. I think I’ll need to work out some time to take a nap before I head home. I’m already tired just thinking about it.

The good news is that I feel less pressure on this rally. Maybe it is because I’m essentially riding around looking at stuff that I love. It’s a “forced sightseeing,” can’t lose scenario. My anticipated route might be a little bold (for me) but I’ve got a couple bonuses marked to drop if I start getting tired or pressed for time. We’ll see how it goes.

Hammy has foregone traditional rally flags and sent us mini knock-off Lego mascots instead. Just as traditional rally flags would have, our mascots must appear in each bonus photo. I gave my mascot a makeover. He was a wee bit butch and a whole lot grouchy for me. Now she is more my speed. Say hello to Glamazon:

fuzzygalore glamazon rally mascot

I’ve got my route squared away and waypoints loaded in the GPS. I’ve got my helper index cards written out for each bonus stop and my bonus stop list printed out. Now I just have to make it through the next two days of work, remember to charge all my stuff, put fresh batteries in the SPOT and think about having a great ride.


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