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Taking a Detour on the Road to Sidecardog-hood

We’ve had a setback on the Lilo Sidecar Dog front. During her first vet visit after adopting her, we discovered that she has heartworm.

All told, the treatment for heartworm takes months. During the course, Lilo has to go through a total of 3 injections that kill off the worms which then have to dissolve in the bloodstream. (Don’t google it if you’re easily grossed out). It is important to keep her relaxed and inactive during the recovery weeks following the injections until her bloodwork is all clear.

This is the point in the conversation where I could start going bananas about how some people can be shitbags and don’t care for their animals but – I won’t. Instead I’ll just be thankful that she became a part of our family and that we have the means to care for her. All in all it’s our good fortune.

As she takes it easy and sleeps on the couch (and my maps) we’re practicing wearing the doggles that Tio Rascon (Ed) sent and looking forward to the future. More than anything I just want my sweet doggo to be well.

If you’re interested in sidecar dogs, there is of course Ara and Spirit at The Oasis of My Soul who can help you get your fix. Just last week the Instagram blog featured a post about #sidecardogs. You might wanna give that a look-see!

And don’t forget the preventative heartworm meds for your pup!

My Ural Got a Boo Boo and That Makes Me Sad

There are few things as soul crushing as hearing something fall over in the garage followed by the cavernous echo of whatever that thing was bouncing off of your sidecar.

Then when you walk into the garage to find a dent and the once perfect orange paint torn down to the metal? Ugh. It takes every ounce of will you can muster not to flip the fuck out.

This type of moment is precisely when I need to work on my attachment to “things.” It’s just a motorcycle with a scratch. But initially upon seeing the dig, it was like my whole body recoiled in horror and electricity ran across the top of my skin.

Note to self: Just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. You know this.

My sweetie bought me a big pink bandaid magnet until I can have the issue addressed. It makes it much easier to pretend the scar doesn’t exist.

Finding Art on the Royal Enfield

While on a jaunt aboard the Royal Enfield, I stopped off to get a better look at some graffiti that I’ve been ‘meaning to stop at’ for at least a year.

Just think about all of the things that the person who painted that on the wall could have come up with – and this… this was it. Isn’t it ridiculously wonderful? :D

The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense.
-Pablo Picasso

Making Friends, Meeting People: Royal Enfield Edition

On Sunday I popped in to town to meet  friends for coffee. It was a beautiful afternoon so there were lots of riders around enjoying the sunshine. I pulled in to the parking lot, backed in to a spot and got off the bike.

Another motorcyclist of about 70 shuffled over as I begin unstrapping my helmet and taking it off.

“Nice. Zat da real cuhluh?”

::blink:blink:: “Yep, it’s the real color.”

“How many hawspowuh?”

“Not sure, maybe 30?”



“Uh hundrit fitty?”

“No, thirty. Thirty. Three zero. It’s a 500 single.”

“Yeah, dats whut I was askin’, a 500, huh? Nice.”

It’s me, isn’t it? I’m a dingbat magnet.