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Sunday Ride: Finally a Break in the Winter Weather

On Sunday morning I woke up to sunshine. As I padded down he hall towards the coffee pot, I got that feeling. You know… that special feeling. The one that says maybe you’ll be able to sneak out for a ride today. And, I did.

With temperatures approaching 40 degrees, the roadways though wet were free of ice and snow. Even with no electrics running on the DRZ, my REV’IT gear is really quite warm. The more I use the Sand jacket and pants, the more I like them. Money well spent.

I putt-putted along, splashing through the puddles along the north shore, stopping near one of the sod farms in Riverhead. The frozen field looked like the tundra. When I took my helmet and gloves off, the wind stung my face and hands as it came whipping across the open plain.

It felt so great to ride. The weeks of snow and ice clogging the roads were a distant memory.

In Other News

I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I have another pair of glasses with – get this – TWO lenses! I’m going for the Carrie Donovan look. How am I doing? Fabulous?

Now I just have to work on the helmet hair and the windburned face. One step forward, two steps back.

Christmas Eve With DRZs and an Odd Bird

On Christmas Eve, Kenny and I went for a ride. It was cold but still a beautiful afternoon.

There is a peacefulness at the beach in winter that I love. I stood watching the birds pecking along the shoreline. Their little feet skittered along so quickly. Do you imagine the sounds of a small xylophone tinkling when you see the frenzied feet of shorebirds? No? Just me? Anyway…

When I pulled my photos off of the memory card I had to laugh to myself when I saw this one zoomed in:

click to enlarge

I have, on more than one occasion, been called an odd bird. I feel a bit of a kinship with the kook on the right. There’s one in every crowd.

GoPro Hero: A Chesty Motorcycle Video on a Winter Day

When Kenny came home from grabbing breakfast on Sunday morning, he found me outside shoveling the remaining snow away from the front of our garage door.

As he walked up the driveway he looked at me, chuckled and said, “where are you going?” I was of course was shocked by his inference and the look on my face told him just that. The nerve! Can’t a girl shovel the remaining snow out of the driveway just to be helpful?

The answer to that question would be… No. There was only about 10 feet of snow on the ground standing between me and going out for a ride. It would have been criminal to waste a perfectly good free afternoon doing something absurd like cleaning or laundry. So, I shoveled.

And His Partner is Chest Rockwell

Jack Horner: Do these characters have a name?
Dirk: The guy’s name is Brock Landers.
Reed Rothchild: And his partner is Chest Rockwell.

Kenny got a Chesty chest mount for his GoPro Hero camera this Christmas. Being the chestiest person around here (and I do rock it well), I figured I would be the perfect candidate to take it out for it’s inaugural ride.

The view from Chesty is pretty solid and doesn’t come across as jittery. Even when jumping up and down and shakin’ what your mama gave ya in your boyfriends face. There also seemed to be less wind noise on the audio but that could be attributed to me moving fairly slowly on the wintery streets.

If you are inclined to ride in a crouched position then this particular mount might not serve you well. Also, if you are used to riding with a helmet mount, you might miss the “seeing what I see” point of view as you turn your head.

All in all, I find this particular mount to offer a nice point of view with a steady picture. It’s a great addition to all of the other mounting points like the fork leg, anywhere the suction cup will mount and the tried and true helmet mount.

It also gives boys and girls an actual reason to blatantly stare at your headlights. Win!

Chesty Point of View:

I wonder how it does being worn backwards, shooting the riders behind you? Hmm… I may just have to get out for another ride pronto!

Winter Motorcycle Riding Pictures

When the first snow of this winter fell, Kenny went out to see what it felt like to ride in it. Being that neither of our DRZs have studs in their tires, it was just a quick run around the neighborhood. You know – for scientific purposes.

As an observer there was something beautiful about seeing the orange glow of his headlight slowly making it’s way through the whirling snowflakes. While the snow started to accumulate the world outside had a very flat, muffled sound. There was no noise except for the gentle thump of his engine.

He would be the first to admit that riding on the snow without studs is, well.. probably not a great idea. Your mileage may vary.

ADVrider has a winter riding picture thread you should check out. There are some great photos of motorcycles in the snow. Enjoy!

Non-Moto: Hipstamatic Holiday iPhone Photos from Fuzzygalore

I’m always walking around with my iPhone in my pocket. Truth be told, one of the only reasons I got the iPhone was for it’s camera apps. I couldn’t care less about actually talking on the phone. Getting me to voluntarily do that is nothing short of pulling teeth.

My favorite camera app is Hipstamatic. With it’s funky framed films, light streaking and curious coloring, the app puts a kitschy spin on your (square) pictures that I happen to love.

Here are some holiday time Hipstamatic pics from Chez Galore and our little world:
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