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Day 12: Ye Olde Long Island – #29in29

Day 12: Ye Olde Long Island – #29in29

This winter has really been an excellent one for riding here on Long Island. We haven’t gotten any snow to speak of and the temperatures have been mild.

Triumph Tiger in East Hampton

I feel sad for the folks who have to store their motorcycles for the winter. Hang in there… spring is on the way.

While out enjoying the un-wintery weather this week, my travels took me through the town of East Hampton, which was the first English settlement in New York. I stopped and walked through the cemetery there.

Tomb of Lion Gardiner

Having seen it several times from across the fence, I wanted to get a closer look at the tomb of Lion Gardiner. Descendants of Lion still own Gardiner’s Island now 400 years later.

The art found in cemeteries can really be beautiful.

Long Island: Fork to Fork On the Ferry

Long Island: Fork to Fork On the Ferry

What is it about boarding a ferry on your bike that makes you feel like you’re going somewhere even when that somewhere is less than a mile away?

Greenport - Shelter Island Ferry

On the eastern end of Long Island, to get from one fork to the other you can hop the ferry in either Greenport or Sag Harbor and use lovely Shelter Island as your cut through.

the forks of Long Island

Of course while you’re there, it would be a shame to miss out on riding around the island’s quiet lanes.

I’ve heard it said that Shelter Island has a New England-y feel to it. It’s hard for me to tell because I have been there enough times for it to only feel like Shelter Island. I guess you’ll just have to go and decide for yourself.

Tiger of the Ferry

Even though the ride on both boats is all of 5 minutes, you still get the sensation that you’re heading off on an adventure.

Perception is everything.

The Tiger, the Bull and the Duck on a Winter Day

The Tiger, the Bull and the Duck on a Winter Day

I don’t know if I am just a creature of habit, a 1 trick pony or what? But, there are a few landmarks here on Long Island that I cannot ride by without stopping to take a photo.

While out for a ride to enjoy the unseasonably warm December weather, I stopped in some of my favorite spots on my way east. Again.

Exhibit A: The big black bull in Manorville.

I don’t mean to stop and peer over the fence to look at the giant metal bull, it just happens. There are usually a couple furry-legged horses there in the corral that look at me like I’m an idiot when I do.

“Oh, brother. There’s the lady again. I wonder if she knows that Angus isn’t real?”

Big Bull Manorville

Exhibit B: The Big Duck of Flanders

The duck has some kind of magnetic field that pulls me right in. It very well could be a tractor beam emitted from its red eyes.

It never changes. It’s the same duck it’s been since the first time I saw it and yet… can’t pass it by.

Quack, Quack!

Big Duck of Flanders


Greetings from Sunny Long Island

Greetings from Sunny Long Island

Happy New Year!

The break from work leading up to Christmas and through New Years was a much needed rest. Our family spent time doing the things we love and well,… doing a whole lot of nothing. That was a nice change of pace.

Greetings from sunny long island

During our staycation, we visited with friends and family, went to the beach a lot, and of course, rode our motorcycles. The weather was unseasonably warm on several days, including New Years Day so we tried to take full advantage of it.

Now that holiday-mode is sadly over, I hope to get back to posting more regularly. Hope to see you ’round.

Thanks for reading.

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