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Day 14: Happy Valentine’s Day, Love is Everywhere – #29in29

Day 14: Happy Valentine’s Day, Love is Everywhere – #29in29

I know people think I’m a kook when I say that I believe Love is Everywhere – you just have to open yourself up to seeing it.

I get it. I sound like a tree-huggin’ weirdo. But… 

Happy Valentines Day from

it IS!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I just happened to find these sweet whimsical hearts waiting for me on the side of the road.

Happy Valentines Day from Fuzzygalore

Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I hope that you’re spending today and everyday with the people you love most.



Day 13: Drop In, Pop Out – #29in29

Day 13: Drop In, Pop Out – #29in29

There is a funny thing the happens to the look of terrain in a photo.

Dropping In

– click pix to embiggen –

Popping Out

When you’re standing there in person looking over the edge of a drop, it looks like a cliff. Then when you get home and look at the photos, it seems so much more tame. Photos never seem to do the terrain justice.

This climb was too much for me. The last portion was a vertical wall. I didn’t even contemplate trying it. Instead, Chloe and I were a cheering section for the types with balls.

You can see this particular hill climb in a video posted on

Day 12: Ye Olde Long Island – #29in29

Day 12: Ye Olde Long Island – #29in29

This winter has really been an excellent one for riding here on Long Island. We haven’t gotten any snow to speak of and the temperatures have been mild.

Triumph Tiger in East Hampton

I feel sad for the folks who have to store their motorcycles for the winter. Hang in there… spring is on the way.

While out enjoying the un-wintery weather this week, my travels took me through the town of East Hampton, which was the first English settlement in New York. I stopped and walked through the cemetery there.

Tomb of Lion Gardiner

Having seen it several times from across the fence, I wanted to get a closer look at the tomb of Lion Gardiner. Descendants of Lion still own Gardiner’s Island now 400 years later.

The art found in cemeteries can really be beautiful.

Day 11: For A Minute There, I Was Almost Cool – #29in29

Day 11: For A Minute There, I Was Almost Cool – #29in29

The weather was cold but the sun was shining while I was on the ferry.

Tiger on the Ferry

When the man that takes the fare walked toward me, our eyes met and there was some spark of recognition that passed between us. His smile was handsome. He carried the air of a man who worked outside with his hands – tall, tough and rugged.

“Boy, you’re a brave soul,” he said looking into my eyes.  

I was feeling pretty swell about this exchange with such a good looking guy. It felt like flirting. At least that’s how I remember flirting feeling. I smiled back and said, “Yeah, I’m plugged in. It’s really quite nice out.”

As soon as the words left my lips and pooled into the winter air, the corners of his smile pulled in and faded ever so slightly. “Oh. You’re plugged in. That isn’t very hardcore is it?” he said.

Sonofa! 😆

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