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Did I Ever Tell You About That Time I Went To The Roof Of The World?

The Aiguille du Mdi in Chamonix, France was a once in a lifetime experience. Teetering at the tip of a mountain peak at over 12,000ft up, it was about as much as my wimpy little heart could handle.

fuzzygalore aiguille du midi chamonix france

From the moment I stepped into the cable car and we began our first stage of the ascent my legs felt like jelly. Even so, it was something I knew that I had to experience. I stood in the gondola looking at the floor, too scared to look out at the ground fading away.

fuzzygalore going up aiguille du midi

When we stepped out of the tram and onto the first platform, I remember asking Kenny if he felt the mountain swaying too. Of course he didn’t. I think I was about to start hyperventilating. But up we went in the elevator to the upper most viewing level and out into the sunshine.

Taking in the view from the roof of the world was worth being scared.

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2014: Roadside Awesomeness Extravaganza

Any motorcycle ride that is punctuated by seeing something totally silly, funky or ridiculous on the road is a-okay in my book. These are some of the nifty stops I made this year:

Gnome on the Grange

fuzzygalore gnome chomsky

Chomsky – The 3rd Largest Garden Gnome
Kerhonksen, New York


Hooray for Kooks!

fuzzygalore license plate barn west virginia

License Plate Covered Barn –
Somewhere near Romney, West Virginia


I Will Gnaw Your Face Off

fuzzygalore skull-o-pus

Yeah I have no idea… Skull-o-pus?
This one is probably seasonal. It was near a flower shop around Halloween.
Somewhere near Lexington, Virginia



fuzzygalore airmail mailbox

Airmail Mailbox
Otis, Massachusetts


Fine Art… On Wheels!

fuzzygalore kenny scharf karbomz car

A Kenny Scharf Karbomz painted car!
Springs, New York


Bucket List Stop – Shell-shaped Station

fuzzygalore shell shaped gas station winston-salem nc

Shell-shaped Gas Station
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Who Wants a Hug?

fuzzygalore steel virgin mary

34ft. Steel Virgin Mary
New Castle, Delaware

Monkey Business

fuzzygalore might joe gorilla shamong nj

Mighty Joe the Gorilla
Shamong, NJ

Milk, Milk, Lemonade…

fuzzygalore cow sign

Why do they have to attempt such a realistic job on the ole milkbag? Veins? Ick.
Amelia, Virginia

Heyyyyyy, Guys!

fuzzygalore daniel boone linwood north carolina

::waves:: Hi Daniel!
Daniel Boone the Truckstop Giant.
Linwood, North Carolina

So Big, So Painty.

fuzzygalore giant paint can shippensburg pennsylvania

Giant Can o’ Paint
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

All Skate

fuzzygalore giant rollerskate bealton virginia

Giant Rollerskate!
Bealton, Virginia

An Elephant Never Forgets

fuzzygalore mr eds elephant museum

Candy Elephant at Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum. I’m pretty sure they rotate what elephant appears in this spot.
Orrtanna, Pennsylvania

Photo: Riding Along Lac Du Mont Cenis

Sometimes I go through periods of time where nothing seems to make any sense. I think I have mental problems. I can’t sit still, I can’t write, I can’t relax, I can’t be alone with my thoughts because I feel like I’m going to burst into a million pieces.

When these times come along, I do have the wherewithal to know I’m being a nut. And so I try to get my shit together, try to focus, try to work through whatever that underlying turbulence is.

Sometimes one of my go to things to get my head together is to write about my day. Even if it is just a sentence or two, I write down all sorts of things. (My drafts folder runneth over.) I never see these goofy tidbits as blog-worthy because they’re the peripheral pieces of my life that have nothing to do with motorcycles. And believe it or not, I do kinda-sorta try to keep things moto-related here. Even if it is something not really motorcycley but I just happened to think about while riding. When I deviate from that, I feel like I’m cheating on my own blog.

One method that helps me focus is to skim through my photos, pick one and write something that I remember about the time that it was taken.

This GoPro shot was taken along the Col du Mont Cenis. We were on our way to the town of Susa, Italy to meet our friend Pimmie. The blue of the water was surreal. Seeing something so magnificent makes you just want to cast off your suburban life and run away to stay in the mountains forever.

Do you know that feeling? The one where for a minute you contemplate what it would be to walk away from your current existence for a complete change. In that moment, you mean it with all your heart. Just ship me my kid and my dog and I’ll send you a postcard! Then logic and reason and those two fuckers guilt and responsibility come and rain on your parade. One day I want to be one of those people that tells those four jerks to go to hell.

fuzzygalore riding on col du mont cenis

Photo: My Dog Lilo in the Sidecar

fuzzygalore lilo in the ural sidecar

It turns out that Lilo is nervous about riding in the sidecar. I’m pretty sure it’s the noise. Hell, Lilo Puppy Dynamite is scared and runs out of the kitchen when I rip tinfoil off the roll. It stands to reason that something that sounds like a bag of wrenches in the washing machine might set her off.

We did a couple of super-slow rides around the neighborhood. She’s clearly scared. I’m not sure if I should continue to try to get her used to the racket or if I should just let her be. I was hoping it would be fun for both of us, but I’m not so sure.