When I’m cruising around, little post offices or post offices in interestingly-named towns catch my eye.

Don’t tell anyone this but, when I was a kid… I collected stamps. I was fascinated by them – their age, their history, the images within. They themselves were like little postcards. Looking stamps up in the philatelic catalog was like a treasure hunt. I know. A bit nerdy. But I loved it. Perhaps my penchant for the little post offices is a spillover from that.

Here are a few West Virginia post offices I stopped for last weekend:

North Matewan, WV:

Fanrock, WV:

This one caught my eye because I didn’t recall ever seeing a post office in what appears to be someone’s house before.

Panther, WV:

I liked the town name. Also, it put me on a jag of singing “Kool Thing” by Sonic Youth to myself for the next few hours. Kool thing, walkin’ like a panther…

Cucumber, WV:

Cucumber! It’s demented how much I love this as a town name.

War, WV: