The Song of the Motorcycle Commuter

The Song of the Motorcycle Commuter

They say it’s the little things in life that make you happy. When you bundle all those little things together you’ve got something like a giant… lint ball of happiness.

Wow. That is a terrible metaphor. But, I’m feeling a little ridiculous right now, so I’m going with it.

In an effort to get out of my winter slump, I’ve been commuting to work on the bike. Not a big deal, I know. But man, what a difference it makes for my mood each day.

When I sit in my office chair and slip out of my work shoes and back in to my riding boots Mr. Rogers-style, there is a feeling of giddiness. Almost like I’ve got a secret. And as my Sidis squeak and my Goretex swishes down the hallway past offices and cubicles? I’m singing the song of my people!

Hear me, office-dwellers! While you’re spreadsheeting and databasing, I shall be riding my motorcycle!

The early morning view from my office window.

Even when the lot is filled later in the day, I know I’ll have had the most fun on the way in.

8 Replies to “The Song of the Motorcycle Commuter”

  1. Hear me, office-dwellers! While youโ€™re spreadsheeting and databasing, I shall be riding my motorcycle!

    I like that.! Non-riders just don’t understand. The ride home provides the transition from office to home home in a way that a car can’t.

  2. I feel the same way. Riding, even just to work, turns ordinary days into exciting adventures. And our riding gear reminds us of how special we are to do this. I recently bought a pair of shoes JUST to wear at the office which I keep in my office; slipping out of (and later into) my heavy riding-boots at my desk pleases me, the same way what you describe here pleases you. You rock, girl!

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