Thanks for sending in your question, KHick (that’s like J-Lo). I thought it would be best to add the links I use most often to a post so that you can take a look.

I read tons of blogs each day. I’ve got over 300 assorted feeds in my feed reader but my go-to is the holy grail: Roadside America.

Also, whenever I read about something interesting, I find the address and stick a pin on a Google Map that I created just for things I want to visit. That makes it easy to pull up stuff that’s near wherever I am.

Also because I am saving things of my choosing and not just the subject matter of a particular website, what ends up pinned to my map is diverse. It’s full of diners, donut shops, pretty overlooks, barns, interesting art, oddball museums – all sorts of things!

Roadside Links & Things

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