These days, our lives are filled with information. Maybe too much of it. Every second of the day we open up wide and words and images are shoveled in. What we do then, I suspect, is a massive amount of filtering. Every meme, article, news clip and sound bite goes down a giant conveyor belt inside your head where the sorting team goes through the whole lot, cataloging what will be thought about immediately, what will get filed away to wake you up at 3am on a Tuesday six months from now, and the rest? Well, a large majority of it probably goes out through the ear-hole garbage chute. Space is the ultimate commodity in brain-town, after all.

With this idea that we’re on information overload, it is curious to see what sticks over time. Which of the farfetched daydreams will come to fruition? What unconscious machinations will you put in to play to keep something simmering until it reaches full boil? Time and memory at work. Answers reveal themselves at a later date.

One of the great things about keeping a blog or a diary or whatever is that you get to read back what you were thinking and maybe pinpoint the spark that ultimately ignited. I kinda love that.

In 2015, I was able to visit the Gemini Giant mufflerman in Wilmington, Illinois. To some people the “thing” might be dumb, but each day we’re all on a personal journey that reaches far beyond what the 3-dimensional clings to. Shiny green fiberglass was much more than just shiny green fiberglass.

Keep dreaming, keep doing. Your life depends on it.