During an after-dinner ride last week, I felt the stabbing pang of knowing that my child is no longer a little kid. No, she’s a bonafide young woman. Soon, Chloe will be piloting her own motorcycle or scooter to and fro on the roadways. No longer will their be an occasional *bonk* on the back of my helmet. Who would’ve ever suspected that it could be something you’d miss?

As a parent, I’ve been struck by the understanding of just how much my child has grown at a few pivotal moments. It’s kind of like… you don’t see it happening, don’t see it happening, don’t see it happening and then WHAM! you get hit in the head with a rolling pin. In that moment it is as plain as day that your little one isn’t so little anymore.

Her own motorcycle. On the roads. ::sigh:: How did that happen so fast?

She doesn’t like having her picture taken or being fussed over but she humored me with a snap <3