Super-Extendo GoPro on a Stick Kicks Ass

Super-Extendo GoPro on a Stick Kicks Ass

Right before I left for The Void Rally, I picked up a new GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition. The 3+ is a pretty big improvement over my old Heros. The photo quality is great, it’s smaller than the old unit, has a remote and a light on the back showing its running (yay!) .

the old and the new GoPro Heros

xshot camera extenderBut my favorite part? I also picked up a telescoping extender arm from XShot.

We’ve all been there, right? You’re alone and want to capture a photo of yourself someplace but you don’t have a tripod, no timer on your camera, the old arm-out-selfie doesn’t capture enough of the view, or maybe it’s raining and your camera isn’t waterproof. Enter the GoPro on a stick!

I’m so crazy about it! It is the best $20ish bucks I’ve spent in some time.

There are about eleventy billion different extenders to choose from. The one criteria I used to pick one was to make sure that it collapsed small enough to fit into my tankbag.

Now with my new super-extendo stick, I actually carry my GoPro around in my purse all the time. I’ve been using on walks, while riding my bicycle and when I’m just out and about.

I’m in love πŸ™‚

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  1. Good stuff! My wife just got me the 3+ but it’s the silver edition. Not sure what the difference in the Black model is.

  2. LOVE my Xshot as well! I find it’s also a good way to “balance” the camera too when shooting handheld. I’ll have to dig up a photo I had where I took a DSLR flash bracket and use it as a handheld “steady cam” mount of sorts.

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