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Suffering From PMS? Motorcycles Can Help



Cool picture, and I don’t mean the snow.

I was wondering how much snow you got in the big storm. Are you sore from shoveling yet, or just have an itchy throttle hand?


We have a very mighty snowblower that does the heavy lifting. Shoveling, thankfully, is kept to a minimum these days!


From your pacing, you’ve worn a very nice path that the dog is taking advantage of. You may need to start to widen your path if you want to get the Ural out…


Isn’t that awesome? :) Someday I hope to not be too chicken to do something like that.


The snow is sometimes a good thing for anyone who has maintenance to catch up on. Of course it does make me lazy with my maintenance, if it was warm out I probably would have finished already!


For those who aren’t up to riding in the Winter (no judgment), one way to avoid understandable depression is to operate a fun vehicle with four wheels. I never thought I’d love a car, but my 2013 Fiat Abarth is amazeballs. (That’s a technical term we fashion-bloggers use.)

My Abarth is peppy, cute and handles better than a car should. Plus, I get stopped almost every day by people wanting to compliment it. Last night, an old man told me a lengthy tale about the 1968 Fiat 800 he had with custom Abarth parts.

Yes, I’m conscious this is a motorcycle blog so I won’t prattle on any more about a cage, but there is a connection — Carlo Abarth (for whom my car is named) was a motorcycle racer before he started making little Fiats go faster. Even cooler, related to you Fuzzy, Carlo once famously raced a train with his sidecar bike and won!

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