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File Under: Is This Thing On? GoPro Self Portrait at 30 MPH

While sorting through GoPro pictures that were snapped during the 2012 Berkshire Big Adventure over the weekend I found another “Is This Thing On” self-portrait:

is this thing on?

I have mastered the ability to not know whether my camera is running. It is always a bummer to find out that I missed capturing something good when I get back home. But all in all, having the GoPro shooting photos all day has been great. Love that little camera!



It’s too early … at first I thought you were talking about your bike, not the camera. I’m thinking how could she not know her motorcycle wasn’t on?! Where’s my coffee …

Kathy aka ToadMama

LOL, Pamela! Cool self-portrait. We have discovered our new favorite stretch of road. I told Hubby, as soon as I get the GoPro I am going back there for some filming! Now I need to hurry up and shop so I can get back there soon.


I have a bunch of those photos as well! I hear the new ones have lights on all sides to make it easier to tell.

Wayne Busch

I’ve been using the GoPro’s for years, there’s definitely a learning curve. I still get long boring clips where I forget to turn it off on occasion. Thanks for sharing your bloopers.

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