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Wishful Thinking: One More For The To Do List – Teakettle Junction

A few weekends ago a friend posted a photo on Facebook of a motorcycle ride he’d taken in Death Valley. The picture was a group of friends in their riding gear in front of a sign that had teakettles hanging all over it.  It marked Teakettle Junction, which I’d never heard of before.

Now I can’t get the image out of my mind. The more I Googled to learn about Death Valley and looked through photos, web sites and blog posts the more it became apparent that I must go there. Aside from the rugged beauty of the National Park environment itself, there is something sweet about those dangley teakettles that I simply must see.

Bucket List? Say hello to your new friend from Death Valley.

Teakettle Junction – New Sign

Photo: James Marvin Phelps on Flickr


Donna Rees

You gotta go and call me, cause I’ll definitely meet you there. DV is one of my favorite places, because of the history and the quirkiness!! Rhyolite is another awesome spot and the outdoor museum. It’s a MUST visit. I still haven’t yet ridden Titus Canyon. Maybe we can ride it together!


I would so love that, Donna.

I just googled Rhyolite and saw a pic of a lovely caboose there that alone would make me want to come and look around.

Now – how do I get more vacation time?!


Seeing how you and Kenny only like to come out to CA when it’s 700+ degrees, I’m going to go ahead and recommend you guys plan to come out sometime late November-April. If you guys decide to try it in your usual June/July time frame, you might not have so much fun. We had temps of low 80’s in the day, mid 50’s at night – it was great.

I’d love to take you guys out to Teakettle, and everywhere else we hit in DV. There’s an UNBELIEVABLE amount of things to explore, and the scale of the place will blow your mind.


If we didn’t come and complain that “its hot” to you, how would you know? ;)


Oh my! Wonder who left the first teapot?! If you go, you better bring one to hang on the sign.


I’ve got an old cow-shaped kettle that would be a nice addition to the sign :)


That is way cool how people are leaving their kettles. A much nicer view than the ‘gum wall’ in Seattle.


Sure sounds tasty, huh? :lol:

I know there is a gum wall in San Luis Obispo, too. You can get your gum fix without traveling so far north, Donna ;)


You have to go. I went in February, stayed in Vegas and rode a Harley to Death Valley, let me warn you though, I thought it was going to be hot and it was in Death Valley but from Las Vegas you first have to cross the mountain and they were still covered in snow, I only had my mesh jacket, froze my B**ls in the morning and then later in the afternoon on the way back. See pics and read my entry here:

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