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Day 13: Drop In, Pop Out – #29in29

There is a funny thing the happens to the look of terrain in a photo.

Dropping In

- click pix to embiggen -

Popping Out

When you’re standing there in person looking over the edge of a drop, it looks like a cliff. Then when you get home and look at the photos, it seems so much more tame. Photos never seem to do the terrain justice.

This climb was too much for me. The last portion was a vertical wall. I didn’t even contemplate trying it. Instead, Chloe and I were a cheering section for the types with balls.

You can see this particular hill climb in a video posted on


Kathy aka ToadMama

“The types with balls”? LOL! I have to remember that one. Cameras do have a tendency to flatten stuff sometimes. It’s all about the angle.


It doesn’t look that tame in a pic to me. I wouldn’t want to try it. Mind you I’m chicken when it comes to hills off road.

Princess Scooterpie/Dar

Fuzzy I think I am with Trobairitz, I’m an on road biker. I think one day I will have to try off road just to see what I am missing. Looks pretty challenging.


lol-I know what you mean about photos! So much bigger and badder in real life. Tough to capture in a photo. Really! It was a much bigger hill…a much steeper trail. I have many photos like that too.

for what it’s worth, from your photos I know that that is a trail I don’t want to go up or down! :)


Everyone here has to try offroad the challenge and variation of terrain is so much fun. You are constantly learning something new on the bike and if you fall off you don’t always have to fix yourself or the bike :)


Looks like a lot of fun. I’d be worried about the drop off than climbing back up it. Not quite sure I could make that one on the DL though…

Needa another dirt bike…

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