Kenny decided he wanted to go back to northern California to do some motorcycle riding. As a good girlfriend, I obliged him and agreed to go along. My arm was killing me from all of the twisting but whattayagonnado? 😉

Though we are pretty loose when it comes to planning a route, I do like to leave with some semblance of ideas cobbled together. One of my biggest fears is always that I’ll “miss something” – who knows if I will ever pass that way again?

If I don’t know about it – how can I miss it?

Stop trying to be logical. In my deluded mind, I often operate with the idea that one day I will find out about what I missed and spiral into a fit of madness. Hey, it could happen!

What do I know so far?

  • Fly to San Francisco
  • Hang out in town for a day
  • Hop on rented Triumph 1050 Tiger and hit the road for a week

So that leads me to where I am this week: Figuring out what I’m going to do.

Things I Need: Road ideas, maps, to pack more efficiently.

In a new planning tactic, I thought I might let my dog choose the spots we should visit. Between you and me – she isn’t very helpful.

My dog - the intrepid explorer

I don't see the road of bones on this map.

Travel Book: Moon Travel Guides –  Northern California

Over the weekend, I stopped in to Borders to see if they had any travel books or maps left in their going out of business sale. As luck would have it, I got what as far as I could tell was the ONLY Northern California book in the store. I prefer Lonely Planet books, but this one by Moon isn’t so bad. At 40% off, it’s even better.

I have already gleaned a little tip out of it. There is an inn on the Lost Coast that I would like to stay at. If we do find ourselves sitting on the balcony of our room watching the sun go down on over the Pacific, this book will have paid for itself in spades.

Help a Girl Out

So, darlings – If you have any northern California roads, parks, roadside weirdness, lunch spots, vistas, off the beaten path places, amazing experiences you’d like to share – I’m all ears!

Hell, even if you want to share a link to your photos or blog about California, whatever...  go for it in the comments.

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With that, I leave you with the soothing sounds of LL Cool J: