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Puddle Jumping After Hurricane Irene

Hey, did you hear? The east coast experienced apocalyptic Armageddon this week. Earthquake, hurricane Irene, flood, pestilence – you know, typical mushroom-cloud layin’ MFer stuff.

As the winds and rain of the hurricane decided to mosey their way north off of Long Island to New England, we saw a quick return to normalcy. Mostly.

Chloe was busy doing stuff with her dad, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go take a look around and see what the state of our world was.

I first ventured around our immediate neighborhood on my bicycle. There was something eery about the silence. No planes, no cars, no birds – just the occasional rustling of the leaves overhead.

Electra Black Betty bicycle

After my loop around the neighborhood, I figured things would be okay for me to head out on the DRZ. Incidentally, it will be my escape vehicle of choice in the event of a large scale zombie attack.

There were lots of branches down, not as many trees down as I expected (thank goodness) and some flooding along the low laying shore areas.

I made a new friend whom I decided to call Swanson.  He (she?) was just hanging around in the middle of the road directing traffic. I stood  next to him (and the No Standing sign) for a couple minutes. He just stayed there looking back at me like, “what up, girlfriend?” I feel like we had a moment. But it could just be that I was loopy from being in the house all day.

For you fashionistas who are going to call me out for wearing cheetah and plaid… whatevs. My other white jersey was in the laundry :)

There were some really fun puddles to play in:

Puddle along the sound

We had a good time monkeying around on our bikes in the water like a bunch of school kids. Somewhere there is video of me sending a nice 8-foot spray in my wake cruising through there.

So, all in all – I’m thankful to say that we weathered the storm just fine.

How About You?

Were you affected by the storm?



I love the pic of you bicycle. Poor Swanson was probably messed up by the storm & needed some to let him know all is good, he picked a good friend.

Glad you made it through all of it!


Thanks, Darlene –
Have you been riding your Townie lately?


Glad to hear you survived the storm Fuzzy and all is good!

Its been interesting reading and hearing the news about all of the Australians who were out partying in Times Square during the storm!!

Makes me proud to be an Aussie…..In the face of danger and apocalyptic doom, we grab some drinks and go and get nutty!!


Thanks, Anthony – You guys know how to live right!


I think you and Swanson definitely had a moment. Glad all is well.


Thanks, Kathy –
He was so cool. I failed to mention that he hissed at Kenny when he came over. That makes me feel like we DEFINITELY had a connection :)

Belt Drive Betty

Glad you survived woman.

I loved the sign and the goose picture – I would love to see the video of the 8ft rooster tail!


Love the goose pic!


Cheetah?! You have to stop denying that you have style. This is fabulous and chic.

I believe in communicating with animals. We are, of course, animals ourselves. I’m just cautious about communicating with those who are capable of eating me.


Meow! fft fft!
Kitty likes to scracth :lol:

I’m stylistically challenged, but I think that’s my personal style :D


How do I get in on the rooster action? :)


Yea, I guess K must’ve unknowingly blocked that video. I don’t have access to it either :lol:


That looks like so much fun I wish I was on the island when that hit.


Awww, B – you woulda loved it! And… that water didn’t smell like manure! :lol:


Pretty cool shot of you and the swan. Maybe he/she was attracted to the weird outfit…


Doh – sorry about the vid – it’s available for viewing now, I had it set to private by mistake.

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