It’s really no wonder that the Blue Ridge Parkway was on AMA Magazine’s 15 Best Roads in America list. It is, in short, a great ride. 469 miles from top to bottom of beautiful riding.

Speed Triple and the Blue Ridge Parkway sign

After leaving Long Island at o’dark-thirty, Bill, Graham and I arrived in Staunton, Virginia in the afternoon and grabbed hotel rooms. We found a place just a handful of miles from the northern start of the Parkway.

After lunch, we hopped on at the top and motored south.

I do exist! Fuzzygalore at Blue Ridge Parkway Sign

I do exist!

Luck really must’ve been on our side. There was no traffic in front of us, no traffic behind us and we were treated to the most glorious summer weather.

Speed Triple and WeeStrom on the Blue Ridge Parkway

When riding the Parkway, there are times when the trees give way to views that are simply breathtaking. Seeing the expanse of the mountains and valley below as they roll on… just beautiful.

As I posted previously, there were moments while we were riding that seemed “perfect”. Moments that you want to drink in and savor forever.

Rock Point Overlook Blue Ride Parkway

Throughout the ride, my Speed Triple felt absolutely perfect. Don’t you love it when your bike feels that way? Like the two of you are completely connected, moving through the road in effortless unison?

This ride was the best way to end the day.

Speed triple and Weestrom on the Blue Ridge

Have you ridden the Blue Ridge Parkway? Do you think it deserves a spot on AMA’s Top 15?