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A Quick Ride Around the Neighborhood in the Snow

I took my remaining vacation days off around Christmas and New Years again this year. That means 16 glorious days off to do absolutely nothing. Just a little time to recharge and relax. But,… as the saying goes – the devil will find work for idle hands to do.

When the words “You know what we should do?” leave my lips, at this point Kenny should immediately turn on his heals and walk out of the room. But, bless his blonde little heart he goes along with my hairbrained schemes.

Kenny riding the DRZ in the snow

I love that boy <3



You keep giving me reasons to admire you more and more!


I guess I should have been more clear, Ralph.
I just facilitated this idiocy. That’s actually Kenny riding. Not me.

My turn was next… but I think that will be more like… tomorrow :)

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