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Visiting Italy: We Came, We Saw… We’re Tired

The Stelvio Pass in Italy

After months of waiting, daydreams at my work desk and excited searches for routes to take – our alpine trip to Italy has come to a close.

Kenny, Pimmie and I spent a week riding through the beautiful mountains of Italy, Switzerland and part of Austria. It was, in short, amazing.

I have so much to share as the jet lag wears off and I can sort through my photos and thoughts. Hopefully you’ll be back to come along for the ride.

Stay tuned!


Doug Just Doug

Truly awesome that you did this. I’m daydreaming and drooling looking at that road. I’ve got popcorn in hand and am waiting for your follow-up posts!


Ooohhh, I was just thinking about you today. I can’t wait to hear all about it.


So jealous! Can’t wait to hear and see what you were up to :)

Mod Betty /

Can’t wait to read all about it! Welcome back! though the readjustment to real life can take a while.


Wow. Sounds like a terrific adventure. Share stories and pics, please!


Hey guys! I’m glad your trip went off as planned. Can’t wait to see/read the full ride story. Did you get Pim his Oreos? ;)


Thanks, everybody!
I’m hoping to start rolling some pics and stories out shortly. I’m finally getting back to “normal” so things are starting to brew.

@Duc – no – we forgot the Oreos! Can you believe that? We stink.


Hi guys!, pretty funny, Bill and Gram met me at the vintage show and I had mentioned how bad I wanted to take the tour you were just on… I didn’t even know you were there! Can’t wait to read about it!



Hey Adam :)
Long time, no see. I’m sorry I missed the vint. show. How was it?

I have to tell you – if it is even a little inkling in your mind to go and ride in the alps/dolomites… make it happen. It is truly an incredible experience. I feel like every motorcyclist should do it at least once. Don’t put it off for someday – make it happen!

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