The sheer power of Gullfoss waterfall is something to behold as you walk down the windy spray filled path to stand at the edge of the falls. A bajillion gallons of water go rushing by, clean and blue as you stand just a dozen feet away, wind whipping your face. It’s absolutely stunning to stand so close to such power.

Gullfoss Iceland part of the Golden Circle

In iceland when you go and visit a beautiful natural space such as Gullfoss, you’ll notice right away that there aren’t many safety barriers, railings and precautions put in place to keep the people out of the falls. I guess if you’re dumb enough to shimmy down the wet rocks in dress shoes to have your photo taken with your toe in the water, you probably deserve to fall in.

Gullfoss Iceland part of the Golden Circle

Gullfoss Iceland part of the Golden Circle

Not too far from Gullfoss sits the town of Geysir. The great geyser below is said to be the oldest known geyser.

Geysir Iceland - Part of the Golden Circle

Erupting Geysir in the town of Geysir Iceland

While we were there we saw the geyser errupt probably 4 or 5 times. It starts off with a slow rolling bubble, gradually filling up to the top of the hole. It continues to roll and bubble and creep towards the rim of the rock and then.. whooooooosh

Geysir - Iceland

Erupting geysir in Geysir Iceland

This travelling man stands outside of the Geysir Hotel. Travel on little fella.. travel on..

Traveler Statue - Geysir Iceland